This “Heartstopper” Star Wants to Be Disney’s First Gay Prince

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With his dreamy curls and heartwarming smile, who would be opposed to seeing Locke play a gay Prince Charming?

Kit Connor and Joe Locke have captured the hearts of many young viewers after the premiere of Netflix’s queer series, Heartstopper. Adapted from the YA webcomic by Alice Oseman, Heartstopper follows two schoolboys whose unlikely friendship develops into an adorable high school romance.

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Joe Locke is the Perfect Charlie Spring

Locke is new to the acting scene. He saw the open casting call and submitted a self-tape without an agent or prior acting experience. Lucky for us, he was chosen to play Charlie Spring out of 10,000 other applicants.

Both Connor and Locke are eager to continue the story if Netflix picks up Heartstopper for season two. But Locke is also opening up about projects he would love to be a part of in the future. Like being Disney’s first gay prince.


“That would be a dream,” he told Independent.

Locke says he wants his next role to have meaning, like his role as Charlie Spring. And what could be better than taking on a groundbreaking part in a Walt Disney-produced film?

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We’re so in love with Connor and Locke’s chemistry that we’d love to see a classic Disney fairytale with the two actors as the leads. There’s no telling if/when this will become a reality, but it’s nice to dream, right? Disney has made small steps towards bringing inclusive characters to their stories, like America Chavez in the recent Doctor Strange movie, but this would be a trailblazing moment of representation for the entertainment company.

For now, you can binge-watch all eight episodes of Heartstopper on Netflix.

This “Heartstopper” Star Wants to Be Disney’s First Gay Prince
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