Is Kit Connor gay?

Is ‘Heartstopper’ Actor Kit Connor Gay? Here’s What He Says

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Netflix’s ‘Heartstopper’ is taking the world by storm, and fans have a question; is Kit Connor gay?

It came out just two weeks ago, and fans can’t stop talking about it, especially one scene in particular. At the end of the season, the character Nick Nelson (Kit Connor) comes out as bisexual in a decisive moment with his mother. Now fans are asking, “is Kit Connor gay?” and the actor’s seen them discussing it online.


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Now fans are wondering about Connor’s sexuality, and he’s seen them discussing it online.

On Twitter, Connor responded to the rumors that he might have a lot in common with his character or that he’s queerbating. “Twitter is so funny man,” he said, “apparently some people on here know my sexuality better than I do…”

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Fans quickly headed to the replies to show the actor love and support

One writing: It’s so unfair that people speculate on your sexuality (especially fans of a graphic novels and TV shows that spreads the important message of letting people embrace who they are in their own time, with support, and without judgment).

Another chimed in, saying they wanted to “clear things up.” “Just stop. Kit hasn’t explicitly come out about his sexuality, so he’s the only person who knows about his sexuality yk (and maybe friends and family). But this idea of trying to cancel people for “queerbaiting” without evidence… is insane.”

 One added, “GET THEM KING!!”

“But seriously, so sorry people are being gross and invasive! you’d think if they watched media like Heartstopper they would know that sexuality is no one’s business except for the individual and who they wish to express it to.”

‘Heartstopper’ is changing lives

Although it’s causing speculation in Connor’s real life, it’s also really changing fans’ lives. One took to Twitter recently to say they used the scene where Nick Nelson comes out to his mom to come out to theirs. Connor saw the tweet and said this is why they made the show. He later opened up about it on Britain’s This Morning which you can check out below.

So is Kit Connor gay?

Who knows. He will define his sexuality to the world only if and when he’s ready! Until then, you can check out Heartstopper on Netflix.

Is ‘Heartstopper’ Actor Kit Connor Gay? Here’s What He Says
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