Taron Egerton Wows Fans With a Towel Dance

Taron Egerton Wows Fans With a Towel Dance

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Taron Egerton’s fans are freaking out after the actor gave them a show in just a towel.

This week, Taron Egerton took to his Instagram stories to share a video of him doing a towel dance to Bee Gee’s 1977 hit “More Than A Woman.” Fans were quick to screen-record the groovy performance and take it to Twitter to talk about it.

His jacked physique is undoubtedly a hit with fans, but it also once again fueled rumors he’s joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The rumor has it that he’s set to be the latest incarnation of Wolverine, taking over for friend and Eddie the Eagle co-star Hugh Jackman.  While at a Chicago Comic-Con event in 2019, the Rocket Man actor said he loves the films, but he’s “never felt by a wolverine sort of guy.” “I’m slightly baffled by it,” he noted while referring to rumors.


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While he has downplayed the rumors in the past, Wolverine director Matthew Vaughan has publicly said he believes Egerton would be a great fit. At Comic-Con last month, Vaughan said, “I think Taron could do it in his sleep. Aaron Taylor-Johnson could do it as well. I mean, I think Aaron or Taron would be my first two choices [of who] could do it really well.”

One thing’s for sure, Taron Egerton sure knows how to towel dance.

Taron Egerton Wows Fans With a Towel Dance
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