Watch the Skarsgård Sons Show off Their Schlongs

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The sons of Skarsgård are more than willing to show you their dicks.

There’s no denying the incredible talent of the Skarsgård family. With patriarch Stellan Skarsgård (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End) paving the way for his gorgeous children, there’s nothing this Hollywood family can’t conquer.

The Skarsgård clan includes heartthrobs Alexander (True Blood), Gustaf (Westworld) and Bill (It). With their vampiric good looks, Alexander, Gustaf and Bill are frequently the focus of fans. From their celebrity, an intense obsession with seeing the Skarsgårds naked developed. Fortunately for fans, Alexander, Gustaf and Bill are more than willing to get naked for their art.

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Let’s start with Alexander. In the True Blood season six finale, Alexander freed his uncut cock for a sizzling full-frontal scene that left his character’s (Eric Northman’s) fate in question. In the series, Alexander routinely bared his bum, but this moment marked the first time fans experienced the swing of 1,100-year-old vampire wiener. Earlier this year, the 41-year-old former vampire let it all hang out for the HBO show Big Little Lies. Although it’s a perfect peen, judging by its super-sized appearance, he probably wore a prosthetic penis.

Moving on to Gustaf. In the 2013 film Vi, Gustaf performed in a few incredibly compelling sex scenes. His performance was so convincing that even his penis didn’t know he was acting. Vi is a love story about a failing relationship that inevitably falls apart. Although it wasn’t widely popular, those who saw the film will remember Gustaf semi-hard member.

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This year, Bill, the youngest and first Skarsgård son to go full frontal, gained mainstream fame for playing Pennywise in the terrifying remake of Stephen King’s It. In 2010, the then 20-year-old actor starred in the film Behind Blue Skies. For the role, he stripped down to show off his uncircumcised unit and impressive foreskin.

Thirsty for that Sweedish schlong? Watch the video below!


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