Ncuti Gatwa’s ‘Doctor Who’ Will Bring the Queer Energy, Says Showrunner

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Ncuti Gatwa, known for his role in Sex Education, is gearing up to bring a wave of “queer energy” to the iconic role of The Doctor in the upcoming season of Doctor Who

Showrunner Russell T Davies spills the tea on what fans can expect from Gatwa’s groundbreaking portrayal, promising a character who’s anything but “neutered.”

Breaking Barriers with a Queer Doctor

Davies, renowned for his storytelling prowess, shared with Variety that Gatwa’s Doctor won’t shy away from embracing his queer identity. This isn’t about putting a label on the Doctor’s sexuality but rather letting his innate “lightness and joy” shine, something Davies feels resonates with queer energy. 

He cheekily noted that past incarnations of the Time Lord “weren’t exactly the straightest men,” suggesting a rich subtext has always been woven into the fabric of the character.

As the first out queer actor to take on the role, Gatwa’s casting alone is a bold statement. The inclusion of queer themes won’t dominate the plot but expect subtle nods and explorations throughout the series. Davies made it clear: “We’re not delivering a neutered Doctor.”

A Legacy of Inclusivity

Davies has always pushed the envelope, and casting Gatwa was no exception. The search for the new Doctor was broad, including men, women, Black, white, non-binary actors, and those who keep their sexuality private. Davies thrives on challenging norms: “It’s very hard for anyone to stop me doing these things… you’d have to be a pretty brave executive to say: ‘Don’t go there’ to me.”

This casting choice follows in the footsteps of Jodie Whittaker, the first female Doctor, who faced challenges from fans clinging to traditional portrayals. Gatwa has a fierce message for detractors: true fans understand that regeneration and change are at the heart of Doctor Who. “You’ve not been watching,” he asserts, if you think the Doctor should fit a single mold.

Camp and Queer Villainy

Adding even more flair to the new season, episode two introduces Jinkx Monsoon, a two-time winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race, as the Maestro—possibly the Doctor’s campest nemesis yet. This casting choice amplifies the season’s embrace of diverse and vibrant characters.


Premiere Countdown

Get ready to catch the premiere on May 11, with a special midnight release on iPlayer and Disney+, followed by a broadcast on BBC One later that day. 

With Gatwa at the helm, this season of Doctor Who promises to be a celebratory journey of diversity and regeneration, reshaping what it means to wield the sonic screwdriver. Whether you’re a longtime Whovian or new to the series, this season is poised to dazzle with its bold narrative and charismatic new Doctor.

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