Lauren Jauregui is Exploring Polyamory – “I just feel very free right now”

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The former Fifth Harmony star is ready to mix things up when it comes to love.

After splitting from Sasha Mallory, Lauren Jauregui explores polyamory. The former Fifth Harmony star embraces new relationship styles.

On a recent episode of the “Two Dykes and a Mic” podcast, Jauregui shared some personal insights into her current dating philosophy.

“I’m also kind of in this space of exploring polyamory a little bit,” Jauregui revealed, signaling a shift in her relationship approach. She’s focusing on self-love and setting her own rules. “I want to belong to myself primarily,” she explained. The idea is to keep things open and fluid, allowing for any connection, whether purely platonic or something more spark-filled.

“We can explore that, and it won’t necessarily affect if I’m exploring something with someone else, you know?” Jauregui added, highlighting the flexible nature of her current relationship dynamic.

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Communication is Key

Lauren is adamant about the importance of clear communication, especially when navigating the waters of non-monogamous relationships. She insists on full transparency to ensure that everyone involved is on the same page.

“Obviously, I’m super communicative, so I would never put someone in that scenario that doesn’t want to be in that scenario,” she emphasized.

The singer expressed feeling liberated from the confines of traditional monogamous expectations. “I just feel very free right now, and I don’t feel like this monogamous, held-down energy is really for me,” she shared, expressing a sense of relief and newfound freedom.

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Open to Possibilities

Despite her current exploration of polyamory, Jauregui isn’t closing the door on settling down if the right person comes along. She playfully confessed that a special someone could completely change her outlook. “I’m like, ‘Forget it. Everybody leave. I’m getting married.’ I’m such a Cancer,” she laughed.

Discovering Self and Sexual Identity

In a candid moment, Jauregui also touched on her sexual identity, suggesting she might be demisexual—a person who needs a deep emotional connection to feel sexual attraction. “I went through the phase of trying to just sleep with people, and I hated it. I hated it,” she confessed. For her, intimacy isn’t just physical; it’s about feeling genuinely cared for.

“In order for me to be really turned on and enjoy sex, I need to know that you care about me as a human being. I can’t be transactional for you,” she concluded.

Lauren Jauregui’s journey through self-discovery and relationship exploration highlights a vibrant chapter in her life, marked by personal growth and an openness to diverse experiences in love and connections.

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Lauren Jauregui is Exploring Polyamory – “I just feel very free right now”
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