12 of the Official Best Male Nude Scenes of 2021

12 Best Male Nude Scenes of 2021


The male anatomy experts have spoken.

Award season is going strong, but we know an award show that might do a better job of catching your attention. If you haven’t already heard of the Manatomy Awards, we’re about to expose you to a whole new world of earthly delights. Enter Mr. Man. Since 2005 the site has been meticulously cataloging video clips and pictures of male actors who have “dared to bare.” For the past eight years, this online catalog of celebrity nude scenes has been recognizing achievements in male nudity.

Without your parents around, you can appreciate these scenes without making loud and idle small talk to distract from the embarrassment. Much like award shows, the winners are broken out into helpful categories. Much unlike award shows, they make use of lewd puns in the process. Some of this years’ winners include Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds, and Ewan McGregor. Here’s a rundown of some of the achievements this year.

Best Gay Scene

The White Lotus rimming scene


Murray Bartlett, Lukas Gage in The White Lotus

These past few years really have made rimming mainstream in a big way. Many of you may remember the famous rimming scene in Euphoria for example. The winner this time, however, is the rimming scene in The White Lotus, featuring Murray Bartlett and Lukas Gage. The whole thing feels like a fever dream, but that only adds to the heightened tension. Check it out here.

Best Music Video

Lil Nas X Industry Baby nude prison dancing


Lil Nas X in ‘Industry Baby’

Personally, we would have chosen Lil Nas’ That’s What I Want, but all of his videos deserve the praise they get. Needless to say, I’m not in the least bit mad about this choice at all. Please just keep giving this man awards. Check out the video here.

Best Oscar Nominude

Benedict Cumberbatch The Power of the Dog nude scene


Benedict Cumberbatch in ‘The Power of the Dog’

We have a feeling that this example of muddy male nudity will appeal to a specific subsect of you out there. This full-frontal scene was part of a performance that earned Cumberbatch an Oscar nomination. Check out the Oscar nom-worthy body here.

Best Poppers Sex


Ewan McGregor, Kyle Vincent Terry in ‘Halston’

The power of poppers is on full display in this clip, and both men appear to be having a very good time. Open yourself up to a world of pleasure and check out the clip here.

Best Shower Scene

Shower scene Elite gay


Arón Piper, Manu Ríos in ‘Elite’

Who doesn’t have a sexual awakening that included a shower scene? Shower scenes are the cornerstone of male nudity on film and TV, and the saving grace for many gays. Especially when the internet is out. Check out the scene featuring these wet Spanish men here.

Best Bulge

John Cena bulge underwear The Suicide Squad


John Cena in ‘The Suicide Squad’

Cena was bulging in more ways than one during his performance on The Suicide Squad. Has anyone else appreciated Cena’s affinity for tighty whities lately? We’re reminded of this scene of him dancing around his apartment also depicting the iconic bisexual character, Peacemaker. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not complaining. Check out the bulging here.

Best Man-tage

Nathaniel Curtis, Olly Alexander, Omari Douglas in 'It’s a Sin'


Nathaniel Curtis, Olly Alexander, Omari Douglas in ‘It’s a Sin’

What did we tell you about lewd puns? Take a sexy montage, add in a very British threesome and you’ve got yourself an award-winning man-tage. Check out the scene, which includes some of our favorite queer actors, here.

Best Towel Drop

Eugenio Siller towell drop in 'Who Killed Sara?'

Eugenio Siller in ‘Who Killed Sara?’


Best A-List Frontal Debut

Bradley Cooper in Nightmare Alley shirtless bathtub full-frontal


Bradley Cooper in Nightmare Alley

We love a first, we love a debut, we love an entry. Mr. Man calls this the “most hyped frontal debut since Chris Pine’s in Outlaw King.” Nothing like a good soak to get the willies out, eh Bradley? Get your willies out too and check out the clip here.

Best Nude Debut

Thomas Doherty in 'Gossip Girl'


Thomas Doherty in ‘Gossip Girl’

Speaking of debuts, who could forget the locker room and sauna scene in Gossip Girl? Mr. Man certainly couldn’t. Doherty said goodbye to his pristine Disney image once and for all, and we’re all about it. The kiss, the abs, the bum. This scene has it all. Check it out here.

Best Spit-Roasting a Gay Married Couple

Jake Weary spit-roast in 'Animal Kingdom'


Jake Weary in ‘Animal Kingdom’

Yes, this is a category, and why not!? Besides, you knew Jake Weary would work his way into this list somehow, so why not do it spit-roasting? The scene itself is full of drama, although it’s hard to notice anything else but Weary’s bearded glare. Watch the clip here, if you dare.

Lifetime Skinchievement

Ryan Reynolds nude Van Wilder


Ryan Reynolds

No awards ceremony would be complete without a lifetime achievement award, and the Manatomy Awards are no exception. Mr. Man praised Reynolds as a “devilishly handsome actor” with an “unbelievable history of sexiness.” We also can’t forget that he got pegged for International Women’s Day in Deadpool. Celebrate the man, the meat, the legend here.

More Male Nude Scenes…

There’s more male nudity and accolades where these came from. Some of the let’s say, more delicate awards can be found on the Manatomy Awards homepage. Head on over there and feast your eyes on more bums and bellies. Oh, and don’t forget to mark your calendar for next year’s Manatomy Awards. We sure will.


12 Best Male Nude Scenes of 2021
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