31 Wicked ‘Hocus Pocus’ Items That Will Put A Spell on You

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The debate over when is the perfect time to start decorating and dressing for Halloween is ongoing. Is it August 1? Is September still too early? Do we wait for the first day of autumn? Safe to say, there’s no proper answer to this question (though if you’re like us, the earlier the decorations go up, the better). As the temperature slowly drops, it’s time for us to switch out the bright blues and reds of summer to the warm oranges and maroons of fall. We can finally pull out our candles, bake some cookies, and relax on the couch with a warm pumpkin spice latte. Bonus points if you have a black cat and a spooky movie on the TV.

Halloween time is the perfect excuse to binge-watch some of our favorite films like the entire Scream franchise, Beetlejuice, and, of course, the cult classic Hocus Pocus. Okay, part of the reason we are SO EXCITED for fall might also be due to the upcoming return of Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Midler, and Kathy Najimi in Hocus Pocus 2.

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That’s right, after nearly 30 years, the wicked Sanderson Sisters have returned to wreak more havoc on the city of Salem. So, in honor of the new film and the upcoming season, we have compiled a list of 31 Hocus Pocus-themed merchandise on Amazon that are sure to make the child-eating witches proud. From house decor to clothing to fun activities, this list will help you get in the holiday spirit and prepare you for a Hocus Pocus 2 premiere party at the end of the month. Let’s get into it.

1. Art of Coloring: Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus Coloring Book

Flip through iconic moments from the beloved movie and add your own flare to some of our favorite characters with this adult coloring book from Disney’s Art of Coloring collection.

2. Hocus Pocus Banner

Hocus Pocus Banner

This colorful, quirky banner is the perfect way to lead your guests to the snack table. It comes preassembled and is durable enough to be reused on multiple occasions.

3. Hocus Pocus Party Kit

Let’s say you’re having a big party and you need a place for your guests to capture a photo of their iconic costume so they can show it off online. Say less! This festive kit comes with a banner, cake topper, and balloons and makes for the perfect photo background.

4. Stickers

Broadcast your love for the evil witches now and all year round with these colorful vinyl stickers. Choose your favorite quote or character and have it memorialized on your water bottle or laptop cover.

5. Hocus Pocus Potion Stirrers

Hocus Pocus Wooden Spoons

Why use regular utensils for your potion making when you can bring a touch of magic to the kitchen with this beautiful, bamboo spoon set. They have all the symbols of a witch with bats, candles, spiderwebs, cats, and moons. Plus, they’re renewably sourced! Double double toil and trouble. Let’s get to bubbling our next brew!

6. Loungefly Wallet

Hocus Pocus Loungefly

We all know Loungefly is a staple when it comes to buying memorabilia from our latest fictional obsession and this Hocus Pocus wallet is no exception. It has some of our favorite scenes from the movie (like Satan’s house and Billy) and an adorable Thackery Binks on the inside.

7. Loungefly Hocus Pocus Scene Backback

And what is a wallet without a matching purse? Need I say more?

8. Loungefly Sanderson Sister Backpack

Hocus Pocus Loungefly Backpack

The art on these backpacks is so adorable. Who doesn’t want to go around wearing a backpack with Winnie, Sarah and Mary’s cute cartoon heads on it? And Binks?! Just take my money already!

9. Disney Hocus Pocus: The Game

Hocus Pocus The Game

A game of true magic and mayhem! This card game is perfect for Hocus Pocus fans and families to work together to stop the Sanderson sisters from completing their wicked potion before the sun rises.

10. Disney Hocus Pocus Just A Bunch Of Hocus Pocus Tarot Card T-Shirt

I love tarot cards as much as the next person, but add the Sanderson Sisters and this mystical shirt is about to be my uniform for the next few months (or the foreseeable future).

11. It’s Just A Bunch Of Hocus Pocus Cat Claws Costume Halloween T-Shirt

If you’re more of a Thackery Binks fan, this simple tee with a black cat and the classic quote is a perfect fall staple.

12. Disney Hocus Pocus Another Glorious Morning Makes Me Sick T-Shirt

Ah yes, this quote is my mood every morning when I get up for work. Sometimes you just want to crawl back into bed and ignore the sunshine and birds chirping outside. At least when you finally do roll out of bed, you can throw on this t-shirt and feel better about the day ahead of you.

13. Funko Spirit Halloween Hocus Pocus Billy Butcherson Pop Figure

Funko Spirit Halloween Hocus Pocus Billy Butcherson Pop Figure

Billy Butcherson has a special place in our hearts, so why not put him in a special place in your house? Funko figures are great collectibles but they also work great as decor for a party or as a gift for a loved one.

14. Spirit Halloween Dani with Binx Hocus Pocus Funko Pop Figure

Sorry, once again one is not enough, we need more Funko pops. This one has Dani dressed in her festive Halloween costume while holding Binks the cat. Adorable.

15. Disney Hocus Pocus Rubik’s Cube

The possibilities are endless with this one. Use it as a decoration in your home, see who can solve it the fastest at a party, or gift it to your friend who loves a challenge.

16. Sanderson Sister Enamel Pin

Hocus Pocus enamel pin

So simple but so cute! Add this pin to your outfit or your bag and you’ll be repping the squad all the time.

17. Hocus Pocus Halloween Sign

This awesome art decoration is sure to bring a touch of magic to any home.

18. Disney Hocus Pocus Binx Black Cat Sculpted Ceramic Mug

If there is one thing in life I have learned it is that you can never have too many mugs. Trust me, this is a fact. With this bewitching ceramic mug, you can relax and enjoy your latte or tea while you wait for a virgin to light the black flame candle and bring the witches back to life.

19. Halloween Squad Sweatshirt

What if the Sanderson Sisters really had a brewing company? Just watch out for the dead man’s toe. Luckily, we’re not actually drinking any witch’s brew, but we are repping the idea on a shirt.

20. Black Flame Candle

All Hallows’ Eve is not complete without a black flame candle, right? This one is made to look just like the one in the film!

21. Spirit Halloween Disney Hocus Pocus 3 Pack Tea Light Candle Holder Set

If you want something a little less spooky and a little more nostalgic, grab this candle set with the witch’s silhouettes. The gold and purple are perfect for the season and will look great on any shelf.

22. Halloween Decor Pillow Covers

I’m a sucker for a fun pillow which is why these black and white graphic covers are a must-have this fall. Add them to any couch or chair, throw in a decorative pumpkin or two, maybe some bats on the wall, and your living room is a spooky dream.

23. Spirit Halloween Countdown Hocus Pocus Sign

We’re all already counting down the days until Halloween, so why not have a special calendar just for the best holiday of the year? It’s a decoration in itself and it will help remind you how many days you have left to get a costume.

24. Halloween Witch Character Wooden Hanging Ornament Set

Okay, I need the ornament of Winnie’s spellbook right now. The entire set can be used as decor around the house, ornaments on a spooky tree, or as party favors.

25. Spirit Halloween Disney Hocus Pocus Life Potion Hanging Canvas

This is the perfect way to remind your guests what is in the punch at the refreshments table. Kidding! But it is a great decoration for movie lovers.

26. Crocs Halloween Charms

Croc lovers unite! These charms are a wonderful addition to any Croc shoe and add a little bit of magic to any outfit.

27. Hocus Pocus Wine Gift Bags

Send your guests home with the perfect party favor: a decorative wine bottle cover. It’s perfect for all bottle sizes and makes it totally okay to buy another bottle of wine so yo have something to put in the bag on your shelf. You need it for decoration.

28. Hocus Pocus Charm Necklace

This colorful necklace is the perfect accessory and adds a whimsical element to any outfit. Plus, you get to rock all the besties from the movie. did you see the vacuum charm? Iconic.

29. Hocus Pocus Book of Spells

Booooooooooooook! Honestly, no Hocus Pocus list is complete without a book of spells. Sorry, we don’t make the rules.

30. Personalized Custom Names Halloween Blanket

Do you know what you need when you’re settling down and preparing to watch Hocus Pocus 2? This 29th Anniversary fleece blanket with all the characters from the movie.

31. The Unofficial Hocus Pocus Cookbook

If you’re not sure what to serve at your Halloween or watch party, pick up this unofficial Hocus Pocus cookbook and try out a few recipes. One of them is sure to put a spell on you!

31 Wicked ‘Hocus Pocus’ Items That Will Put A Spell on You
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