33 Times Men in Stage Plays Bared It All

Some things just don’t translate as well on the silver screen. Perhaps it’s the passion in an actor’s performance. Or maybe it’s the electricity in the room after an impassioned monologue. And yes, there are also those famous examples of full-frontal in theaters. No amount of popcorn can compare to sitting eye to eye (pun intended) with the lead actor’s member. Never had the pleasure? Thankfully, popular plays see revivals with new cast members and new visions quite regularly. With that in mind, here are the 33 stage plays to watch out for if you’re in the market for full-frontal, with artistic integrity, of course.

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No Two Full-Frontals Alike

Before we take our front-row seats and silence our phones, here’s a quick rundown. For your convenience, we’re including some context about each play but will do our best to avoid spoilers. We’ll give you an idea of what to expect as it pertains to the disrobing element. Does every production of the play feature full-frontal or does it depend on the production? Are we talking about blink-and-you’ll-miss-it full-frontal? Is it tasteful and artistic or pertinent to the plot? Or is it just explicit good fun? No two full-frontal scenes are alike, so keep reading to find out. Without further ado, let’s take this in alphabetical order.

1. 23 Centimeters

23 Centimeters, or 23 Centímetros in Spanish, tells the story of a very well-endowed gigolo played by Joaquín Ferreira. You may recognize Ferreira from Netflix’s first Spanish-language original series Club de Cuervos. We won’t give away too much, but rest assured the play is chock-full of wild antics and misbehavior.

Does 23 Centimeters Feature Full-Frontal Male Scenes?

Yes. Joaquín Ferreira is a former adult actor and no stranger to full-frontal. 23 Centimeters features long scenes where Ferreira is fully exposed.

Who Created 23 Centimeters?

23 Centimeters was written by Roberto Garcia Prieto and Carles Alberola Ortiz and directed by Abril Mayett.

Who Stars in 23 Centimeters?

The cast featured Joaquín Ferreira, Olivia Collins, Sugey Abrego, Fernanda Vizuet, and Raúl Coronado.

23 Centimeters Full-Frontal

2. A Cry from Heaven

A Cry from Heaven is a 2005 play by Irish playwright Vincent Woods. It retells the story of the beautiful Deirdre and the Sons of Usna which is one of the great tragedies of Irish myth. One reviewer called the play an “assault on the senses,” saying that the production has a “visceral, tactile quality.”

Does A Cry From Heaven Feature Full-Frontal Male Scenes?

Yes. The full-frontal scenes in A Cry From Heaven are artistic in nature, and therefore not sexualized.

Who Created A Cry From Heaven?

A Cry From Heaven was written by Irish playwright Vincent Woods. It was directed by Olivier Py and designed by Pierre-André Weitz.

Who Stars in A Cry From Heaven?

The cast featured Kelly Campbell as Deirdre, Alan Turkington as Naoise, Olwen Fouéré as Ness, Denis Conway as Fergus, Bosco Hogan as Felim, Gabrielle Reidy as Leabharcham, Barry McGovern as Cathbad the druid, Ciarán Taylor as Conor, Peter Gaynor as Ainle, Aidan Turner as Ardán, Tony McKenna as White Bull, Charlie Kranz as Black Bull, and Shane Gately as Red Branch Soldier.

3. Afterglow

Afterglow is a raw, one-act play exploring the emotional, intellectual, and physical connections between three men. When a married couple invites a third into their bedroom, they must confront the implications of this on their relationship. One reviewer called the characters “so deftly written and compassionately inhabited by the actors” that you really can’t miss this one.

Does Afterglow Feature Full-Frontal Male Scenes?

Yes. All three actors have full-frontal scenes on various occasions in well-lit conditions for long periods of time.

Who Created Afterglow?

Afterglow is written by S. Asher Gelman.

Who Stars in Afterglow?

The latest cast features Brandon Haagenson as Josh, Joe Chisholm as Alex, David Merten as Darius, and Tim Young as Swing.

Afterglow Full-Frontal

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4. Angels in America

Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes is a complex, often metaphorical, and at times symbolic examination of AIDS and homosexuality in America in the 1980s. Though the play mainly focuses on one gay and one straight couple in Manhattan, the plot has several additional storylines. The play has been the recipient of many awards, including several Tonys. Hilton Als from The New Yorker called it “brilliant, maddening, and necessary.”

Does Angels in America Feature Full-Frontal Male Scenes?

This will depend on the production of Angels in America. The 2018 Neil Simon Theater version, for example, features full-frontal in the second act with actor Lee Pace. In this production, everything is fully visible and well-lit.

Who Created Angels in America?

Angels in America was written by American playwright Tony Kushner. The 2018 National Theater version is

Who Stars in Angels in America?

The National Theater version stars Andrew Garfield as Prior Walter, James McArdle as Louis Ironson, Denise Gough as Harper Pitt, Lee Pace as Joe Pitt, Nathan Lane as Roy Cohn, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett as Belize, Amanda Lawrence as The Angel, and Susan Brown as Hannah Pitt.

Angels in America Full-Frontal

5. Camp Morning Wood (A Very Naked Musical)

Camp Morning Wood tells the story of Randy, who finds himself at the front gate of a humble nudist camp at a crossroads in his life. The camp itself is also at a crossroads, besieged by a tyrannical, right-wing Christian Senator who threatens its closure.

Does Camp Morning Wood Feature Full-Frontal Male Scenes?

Yes. As you can imagine for a play set in a nudist camp, there is quite a bit of full-frontal in this campy musical. Gird your loins.

Who Created Camp Morning Wood?

Camp Morning Wood was conceived and directed by Marc Eardley, the critically acclaimed musical comedy features a book and lyrics by Jay Falzone, and music by Trent Jeffords, Derrick Byars, Matt Gumley, and Jeff Thomson.

Who Stars in Camp Morning Wood?

Camp Morning Wood features Thomas Delgado, Da’Merius Ford, Chris Ogren, Sean Stephens, Shelton Lindsay, Anthony Logan Cole, and Brady Vigness.

Camp Morning Wood Full-Frontal

6. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Set in the Mississippi plantation home of wealthy cotton tycoon Big Daddy Pollitt, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1955. Written by American playwright Tennessee Williams, the play examines the relationships among members of Big Daddy’s family, primarily between his son Brick and Maggie the “Cat,” Brick’s wife.

Does Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Feature Full-Frontal Male Scenes?

This will depend on the production. British actor Jack O’Connell has a full-frontal shower scene in The Youg Vic revival of the Cat on a Hot Tin Roof in London.

Who Created Cat on a Hot Tin Roof?

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is written by American playwright Tennessee Williams. The Youg Vic revival is directed by Benedict Andrews with music by Jed Kurzel.

Who Stars in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof?

The Young Vic revival of Tennessee Williams’ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, starred Sienna Miller as Maggie, Jack O’Connell as Brick, Lisa Palfrey as Big Mama, Hayley Squires as Mae, and Brian Gleeson as Gooper.

7. Daddy

Daddy follows the story of a young, Black, gay artist named Franklin, and his relationship with his sugar daddy, Andre. Franklin’s sugar daddy us an older, white art collector. The play explores issues of race, love, queerness, and kink.

Does Daddy Feature Full-Frontal Male Scenes?

Yes. In the production with Alan Cumming, both Cumming and Ronald Peet do full-frontal scenes in Act 1. The lights are dimmed but closer rows will have an unobstructed view. Act 3 also features a similar, shorter scene.

Who Created Daddy?

Daddy was written by Jeremy O. Harris and a production with Alan Cumming was directed by Danya Taymor.

Who Stars in Daddy?

Daddy starred Ronald Peet as young artist Franklin, Alan Cumming as Andre, and Charlayne Woodard as Franklin’s mother. Danish actor Claes Bang played Andre in the U.K. production.

8. Equus

Written in 1973, Equus is a play by Peter Shaffer that tells the story of a psychiatrist who attempts to treat a young man who has a pathological religious fascination with horses. One reviewer called Peter Shaffer’s homoerotic classic “exhilarating.”

Does Equus Feature Full-Frontal Male Scenes?

Yes. Equus features long full-frontal scenes including the production with Daniel Radcliffe.

Who Created Equus?

Equus is written by Peter Shaffer. The production starring Daniel Radcliffe was directed by Thea Sharrock.

Who Stars in Equus?

The Equus production starring Daniel Radcliffe also starred Richard Griffiths, Jenny Agutter, Will Kemp, Joanna Christie, Jonathan Cullen, Colin Haigh, Karen Meagher, and Gabrielle Reidy.

Equus Full-Frontal

9. Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune

Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune tells the story of two lonely, middle-aged people whose first date ends with their tumbling into bed. The two are in share the night in a one-room walk-up apartment on the west side of Manhattan.

Does Frankie and Johnny Feature Full-Frontal Male Scenes?

Typically, yes. The play starts with a love scene and, in most productions, the male lead goes full-frontal. Sometimes these scenes are dimly lit, as was the case with Audra McDonald and Michael Shannon. Other times, like with Edie Falco and Stanley Tucci, the view is unobstructed.

Who Created Frankie and Johnny?

Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune is written by Terrence McNally and the production featuring Stanley Tucci was directed by Joe Mantello.

Who Stars in Frankie and Johnny?

Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune features only two cast members. The Joe Mantello production starred Edie Falco and Stanley Tucci with Tim Cummings and Lisa Leguillou on standby.

Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune Full-Frontal

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Originally made on film, The Full Monty tells the story of six unemployed men, four of them former steel workers, who decide to form a male striptease act. They do so in order to gather enough money to get somewhere else in life. For the leading character, Gaz, the goal is to be able to see his son.

10. The Full Monty

Does The Full Monty Feature Full-Frontal Male Scenes?

Yes and no. Ironically, at a show where you would expect full-frontal, that isn’t always guaranteed. It can depend on the production and your seating. While the actors do in fact bare it all, most shows use a lighting trick to obfuscate the view. If you’re sitting in the right seat, say on the far side of the theater, you may just get a show.

Who Created The Full Monty?

The screenplay for The Full Monty was written by Simon Beaufoy, who later adapted it for theater. Welsh director Daniel Gwyn Evans directed the play when it first opened.

Who Stars in Frankie and Johnny?

The original cast of The Full Monty included Kenny Doughty as Gaz, Sidney Cole as Horse, Craig Gazey as Lomper, Roger Morlidge as Dave, Kieran O’Brien as Guy, and Simon Rouse as Gerald.

Full Monty Full-Frontal

11. The Geometry of Miracles

The Geometry of Miracles, also called La Géométrie des Miracles, is a flowing visionary piece that follows the life story of renowned American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, from age 62 to his death almost 30 years later. “The works of Robert Lepage aren’t so much plays as they are dreamscapes,” wrote reviewer Pat Donnelly for The Gazette. “Dreamscapes obeying the mind’s nocturnal whims rather than its daytime logic.”

Does The Geometry of Miracles Feature Full-Frontal Male Scenes?

Yes. There is a copious amount of male full-frontal in The Geometry of Miracles. The lead actor spends the first 10 minutes of the play entirely disrobed. This is quite a conceptual show and the scenes are artistic in nature.

Who Created The Geometry of Miracles?

The original concept for The Geometry of Miracles also came from the director Robert Lepage.

Who Stars in The Geometry of Miracles?

The performances in The Geometry of Miracles were by Tea Alagic, Daniel Bélanger, Jean-François Blanchard, Marie Brassard, Denis Gaudreault, Tony Guilfoyle, Catherine Martin, Kevin McCoy, Rick Miller, Thaddeus Phillips, Rodrigue Proteau, and Lise Roy.

Geometry of Miracles

12. Hair

Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical tells the story of a group of politically active, long-haired hippies living a bohemian life in New York City and fighting against conscription into the Vietnam War. The work reflects the creators’ observations of the hippie counterculture and sexual revolution of the late 1960s. Reviewer Clive Barnes for the New York Times called it “so new, so fresh, and so unassuming, even in its pretensions.”

Does Hair Feature Full-Frontal Male Scenes?

Yes, Hair typically features quite a lot of full-frontal. Lighting may vary, but if you’re seated in the first few rows you will likely be within full view.

Who Created Hair?

The book and lyrics for Hair are by Gerome Ragni and James Rado. The music is by Galt MacDermot. The most recent Broadway revival was directed by Diane Paulus and choreographed by Karole Armitage.

Who Stars in Hair?

In 2007 the Public Theater presented a 40th-anniversary production of Hair at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park. The tickets were in incredibly high demand, and the cast included Jonathan Groff as Claude, Karen Olivo as Sheila, and Will Swenson as Berger.

Hair Full-Frontal

13. Lilies

Lilies tells the story of a man recently released from prison after serving 30 years for a crime he did not commit. He arranges a private meeting with his former school friend, Jean Bilodeau, now a powerful Bishop. Simon and his friends, all former prison inmates, revisit the harrowing events that occurred during their final year at St. Sebastian’s school for boys.

Does Lilies Feature Full-Frontal Male Scenes?

Yes, Lilies features quite a bit of fully visible full-frontal during the bathtub scene.

Who Created Lilies?

Lilies is written by Quebec playwright Michel Marc Bouchard. The 2021 production at the Jerry Orbach Theater was directed by Andrew Benvenuti.

Who Stars in Lilies?

The 2021 production of Lilies stars Hartley Parker as the young Doucet, Florimond Le Goupil-Maier as Count Vallier De Tilly, Bill Morton as Countess Marie-Laure De Tilly, Grant Hale as baby Bilodeau, and J.P. Ross.

Lilies Full-Frontal

14. Love! Valour! Compassion!

Set at a lakeside summer vacation house in Dutchess County, Love! Valour! Compassion! follows eight gay friends over one summer. There they celebrate the three major holiday weekends of the summer together: Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day. Reviewer Vincent Canby with The New York Times called it “utterly contemporary,” and “only slightly tinged with sentimentality.” Notably, Canby also said the play “offers more male nudity” than ever seen before in a legitimate Broadway theater.

Does Love! Valour! Compassion! Feature Full-Frontal Male Scenes?

Yes. One reviewer in 1997 went so far as to call the full-frontal in Love! Valour! Compassion! “excessive.”

Who Created Love! Valour! Compassion!?

Love! Valour! Compassion! is by Terrence McNally. The original Broadway production was directed by Joe Mantello.

Who Stars in Love! Valour! Compassion!?

The original Broadway production of Love! Valour! Compassion! featured Nathan Lane as Buzz Hauser, John Glover as John and James Jeckyll, Stephen Bogardus as Gregory Mitchell, John Benjamin Hickey as Arthur Pape, Anthony Heald as Perry Sellars, Justin Kirk as Bobby, and Randy Becker as Ramon Fornos.

15. Mr. Parker

Mr. Parker tells the story of Terry Parker. As a gay, middle-aged, suddenly single man he is at a crossroads and unable to adjust to a world that has moved on without him. That is until he embarks on a journey of self-discovery.

Does Mr. Parker Feature Full-Frontal Male Scenes?

Yes, there is a brief full-frontal scene in Mr. Parker. Phones are hidden away during performances.

Who Created Mr. Parker?

Mr. Parker was created by Michael McKeever and directed by Joe Brancato.

Who Stars in Mr. Parker?

Mr. Parker features Derek Smith as Terry Parker, Davi Santos as Justin, and Mia Matthews as Cassandra.

Mr. Parker Full-Frontal

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16. Naked Boys Singing!

Naked Boys Singing! has no plot as such. The musical contains 15 songs, about various issues, such as gay life, male nudity, coming out, circumcision and love. The show features traditional American vaudeville-style music performed by eight actors who sing and dance naked.

Does Naked Boys Singing! Feature Full-Frontal Male Scenes?

Yes. Naked Boys Singing! features a whole lot of full-frontal fun. Be prepared to get an eyeful.

Who Created Naked Boys Singing!?

Naked Boys Singing! is by Robert Schrock. The opening show was also directed by Robert Schrock. The musical direction was by Stephen Bates, and the choreography was by Jeffry Denman.

Who Stars in Naked Boys Singing!?

A recent all-male revue of the show in Vegas featured a cast of familiar faces including Chris Salvatore, Matthew Ludwinski, Marcus Terell, David Hernandez, Louis D’Aprile, and Jaden Lux.

17. Oedipus El Rey

Oedipus El Rey is based on Sophocles’s Oedipus Rex, the story of a king who tries (and fails) to escape the terrible prophesy that he will murder his father and sleep with his mother. Reimagined as an ill-fated Latino man, the hero lives in South Central Los Angeles.

Does Oedipus El Rey Feature Full-Frontal Male Scenes?

Yes. Oedipus El Rey features explicit full-frontal scenes where the male lead is…not flaccid. Despite the lights being dimmed there is still a clear view, especially from the front rows.

Who Created Oedipus El Rey?

Oedipus El Rey is written by Luis Alfaro and directed by Loretta Greco.

Who Stars in Oedipus El Rey?

Oedipus El Rey stars Juan Castano as Oedipus, Sandra Delgado as Jocasta, Julio Monge as Tiresias, Joel Perez as Creon and Coro, Brian Quijada as Coro, Reza Salazar as Coro, and Juan Francisco Villa as Laius and Coro.

Oedipus El Rey Full-Frontal

18. Oh! Calcutta!

Oh! Calcutta! is an avant-garde, risque theatrical revue consisting of sketches on sex-related topics. Interestingly the show is the longest-running revue in Broadway history at the time. It was also the first Broadway show to display full frontal nudity, opening in 1969.

Does Oh! Calcutta! Feature Full-Frontal Male Scenes?

Yes. This was one of the main selling points of the show at the time of opening. Productions were toned down in some areas due to backlash

Who Created Oh! Calcutta!?

Oh! Calcutta! was created by British drama critic Kenneth Tynan. When it first opened off-Broadway it was directed by Jacques Levy and choreographed by Margo Sappington.

Who Stars in Oh! Calcutta!?

The opening cast for Oh! Calcutta! included Margo Sappington, Bill Macy, Alan Rachins, Leon Russom, Nancy Tribush, Philip Gibson, and George Welbes,

19. Puppetry of the Penis

Puppetry of the Penis is a comedic live performance-art show where two nude men who bend, twist, and fold their penises and scrotums into various shapes. Perhaps unsurprisingly the show has historically faced bans from several international venues on the grounds of indecency. Both critics and academics alike have in various ways argued that the show has some cultural value beyond its outrageous subject matter.

Does Puppetry of the Penis Feature Full-Frontal Male Scenes?

Yes. The entire premise of the show is dependent on it. Having said that, some have noted that the absurdity of the show serves to remove it from all eroticism.

Who Created Puppetry of the Penis?

Puppetry of the Penis was initially conceived as an art calendar released by Simon Morley. Due to popular demand David Friend was enlisted to help turn it into a performance.

Who Stars in Puppetry of the Penis?

Puppetry of the Penis was first performed by the creators, Simon Morley and David Friend.

Puppetry of the Penis Full-Frontal

20. Pylade

Pylade is a contemporary reinterpretation of the relationship between Pylades and Orestes from Greek mythology. The music and movement heightens the rhythm and emotion of the text to create a total theatre of movement, text, spectacle, and music.

Does Pylade Feature Full-Frontal Male Scenes?

Yes. Pylade has a lot of full-frontal scenes, especially in the final half of the play. Due to the typically intimate setting for the show there usually are no cheap seats in the house.

Who Created Pylade?

Pylade was written by Pier Paolo Pasolini. The La Mama production was directed by Ivica Buljan.

Who Stars in Pylade?

The Pylade cast featured Marko Mandić as Pylade, Tunde Sho as Orestes, with Mia Yoo, Perry Yung, Chris Wild, Cary Gant, Eugene the Poogene, Maura Donahue, Valois Mickens, and John Gutierrez.

PYLADE Full-Frontal

21. Quills

Inspired by the life and work of the Marquis de Sade, Quills re-imagines the last years of the Marquis’s incarceration in the psychiatric asylum at Charenton. Later adapted for the screen and directed by Philip Kaufman, the film stars Geoffrey, Kate Winslet, and Joaquin Phoenix.

Does Quills Feature Full-Frontal Male Scenes?

Yes. Quills is extremely explicit and most productions contain several full-frontal scenes.

Who Created Quills?

Quills is written by playwright Doug Wright. The off-Broadway original was directed by Howard Shalwitz.

Who Stars in Quills?

Quills’ off-Broadway original cast included Rocco Sisto as Marquis de Sade, Katy Wales Selverstone as Madeline LeClerc, Kirk Jackson as Mr. Prouix, Jefferson Mays as Abbe de Coulmier, Lola Pashalinski as Renee Pelagie, and Daniel Oreskes as Dr. Royer-Collard.

Quills Full-Frontal

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22. Six Degrees of Separation

Six Degrees of Separation explores the existential premise that a chain of no more than six people connects everyone in the world. John Guare later adapted the play into a film starring Will Smith in 1993.

Does Six Degrees of Separation Feature Full-Frontal Male Scenes?

Yes. There is a short scene where the lead is caught in bed with a hustler. The stage is well lit but the scene is brief with quite a lot of movement.

Who Created Six Degrees of Separation?

Six Degrees of Separation is by John Guare. The 2017 Broadway revival was directed by Trip Cullman.

Who Stars in Six Degrees of Separation?

The 2017 Broadway revival of Six Degrees of Separation starred Allison Janney, John Benjamin Hickey, and Corey Hawkins.

Six Degrees of Separation

23. Spring Awakening

Set in late 19th-century Germany, Spring Awakening tells the story of teenagers discovering the inner and outer tumult of adolescent sexuality. The original Broadway production recieved critical acclaim and won eight Tony Awards.

Does Spring Awakening Feature Full-Frontal Male Scenes?

Not consistently. Some productions of Spring Awakening contain full-frontal scenes, but this is sometimes left up to the discretion of the actors. If you’d like to see a full-frontal scene of Spring Awakening star Jonathan Groff today, check out Jeff Lipsky’s Twelve Thirty.

Who Created Spring Awakening?

The book for Spring Awakening are by Steven Sater with music by Duncan Sheik. The original Broadway production was directed by Michael Mayer and choreographed by Bill T. Jones.

Who Stars in Spring Awakening?

The original Broadway production of Spring Awakening‘s cast included Jonathan Groff, Lea Michele, and John Gallagher Jr.

Spring Awakening Full-Frontal

24. Take Me Out

Set in the locker room of a professional baseball team, Take Me Out sports an all-male cast. It explores themes of homophobia, racism, class, and masculinity in sports. The play made headlines when footage of Jesse Williams’ full-frontal scene leaked, making the rounds on Twitter. The show is still running in theaters, so get your tickets now.

Does Take Me Out Feature Full-Frontal Male Scenes?

Yes. Many men in this show have full-frontal scenes, which include a shower scene. Anyone sitting in the first few rows will be able to clearly see everything. All phones and recording devices are placed in Yondr pouches by theatre staff and will be opened at the end of the performance.

Who Created Take Me Out?

Take Me Out is written by Richard Greenberg and directed by Scott Ellis.

Who Stars in Take Me Out?

Take Me Out is starring Jesse Williams as Darren Lemming, Jesse Ferguson as Mason Marzac and Bill Heck as Kippy. Michael Oberholtzer plays Shane Mungitt and Julian Cihi plays Takeshi Kawabata. They play also stars Patrick J. Adams, Brandon Dirden, Tyler Weaks, Eduardo Ramos, Carl Lundstedt, Hiram Delgado, and Ken Marks.

Take Me Out Full-Frontal

25. The Credeaux Canvas

The Credeaux Canvas follows Winston, a young painter who shares an East Village apartment with Jamie, the son of a prominent art dealer. The death of Jamie’s father, who has disinherited him, sets him spinning into the depths of despair. A distraught Jamie then has an idea that tangles everyone in a web of consequences.

Does The Credeaux Canvas Feature Full-Frontal Male Scenes?

Yes. The Credeax Canvas features long full-frontal scenes with multiple actors.

Who Created The Credeaux Canvas?

Keith Bunin wrote The Credeaux Canvas. Byron Kaye directed The Sure Foot Productions version.

Who Stars in The Credeaux Canvas?

The Sure Foot Productions show starred Richard Cornally, Kitty Hopwood, Alex Shore, and Jennie Dibley.

The Credeaux Canvas Full-Frontal

26. The Inheritance

The Inheritance examines love between gay men in contemporary New York a generation after the Early AIDS Crisis. The play explores what the current generation owes to its forebears. One reviewer for The Daily Telegraph called it “perhaps the most important American play of this century.”

Does The Inheritance Feature Full-Frontal Male Scenes?

Yes. Part 1 contains a long full-frontal scene with Samuel H. Levine that is well-lit. Audience members sitting in the front rows will have a very clear view.

Who Created The Inheritance?

The Inheritance is by Matthew Lopez and directed by Stephen Daldry. The west coast premiere was directed by Mike Donahue.

Who Stars in The Inheritance?

The Inheritance stars Kyle Soller as Eric Glass, Andrew Burnap as Toby Darling, and Samuel H. Levine as Adam/Leo. Paul Hilton play Walter/ Morgan and John Benjamin Hickey plays Henry Wilcox.

The Inheritance Full-Frontal

27. The Lisbon Traviata

The Lisbon Traviata tells the story of several opera fans, especially of the opera singer Maria Callas, and their gay relationships. Reviewer Philip Fisher for British Theatre Guide said the play was “extremely funny but also heart-rending.”

Does The Lisbon Traviata Feature Full-Frontal Male Scenes?

Some productions of The Lisbon Traviata contain a full-frontal scene, including a San Francisco production in 1990 with Nathan Lane.

Who Created The Lisbon Traviata?

The Lisbon Traviata is by Terrence McNally. The San Francisco production was directed by John Tillinger.

Who Stars in The Lisbon Traviata?

The San Francisco production of The Lisbon Traviata starred Richard Thomas as Stephen, Nathan Lane as Mendy, Dan Butler as Mike, and Sean O’Bryan as Paul.

The Lisbon Traviata Full-Frontal

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28. The Little Dog Laughed

The Little Dog Laughed follows an actor named Mitchell, his agent Diane, a hustler named Alex, and Alex’s girlfriend Ellen. Mitchell and Alex then become involved in a physical relationship. Diane worries that this will derail Mitchell’s career before it starts.

Does The Little Dog Laughed Feature Full-Frontal Male Scenes?

Yes. News of Johnny Galecki from The Big Bang Thoery’s performance in this play caused quite a stir. He and his co-star Tom Everett Scott have a (rushed) full-frontal scene.

Who Created The Little Dog Laughed?

The Little Dog Laughed is by Douglas Carter Beane. Scott Ellis directed the original off-Broadway production.

Who Stars in The Little Dog Laughed?

The Little Dog Laughed starred Neal Huff as Mitchell, Julie White as Diane, Johnny Galecki as Alex, and Zoe Lister-Jones as Ellen.

The Little Dog Laughed Full-Frontal

29. The Underpants Godot

The Underpants Godot follows a director rehearsing for an avant-garde production of Waiting for Godot. Instead of old men, young guys in their underwear play the main characters.

Does The Underpants Godot Feature Full-Frontal Male Scenes?

Yes. The actors remove their underwear and disrobe in this play. Although multiple actors have full-frontal scenes, which ones you can see may depend on where you sit in the theater.

Who Created The Underpants Godot?

Duncan Pflaster wrote and directed the Cross-Eyed Bear Productions version of The Underpants Godot.

Who Stars in The Underpants Godot?

The Cross-Eyed Bear Productions of The Underpants Godot starred Pierce V. Lo, Roberto Pineda, Jason Pintar, and Amber Rhabb. It also starred Alyssa Simon, Patrick Walsh, and David J. Wiens

30. Trainspotting Live

Adapted from a novel by Scottish writer Irvine Welsh, Trainspotting Live is a collection of short stories surrounding the various residents of Leith in Edinburgh. The story explores addiction and the destructive activities that are born out of addiction. Since its release the novel, play, and film have achieved cult status. Their 2022 tour has finished, but check back here for 2023 dates.

Does Trainspotting Feature Full-Frontal Male Scenes?

There are full-frontal scenes in Trainspotting Live, but the view will depend on where you are seated. There may also be stobe lighting during one full-frontal scene that may obstruct the view. For the clearest view, sit near the mattress. Word of warning; every seat is in the splash zone.

Who Created Trainspotting Live?

Irvine Welsh wrote Trainspotting. Harry Gibson adapted for the stage into Trainspotting Live.

Who Stars in Trainspotting Live?

Trainspotting Live stars Andrew Barrett as Renton, Greg Esplin as Tommy, and Olivier Sublet as Mother Superior. The play also stars Lauren Downie as June and Allison, and Michael Lockerbie as Sick Boy.

Trainspotting Full-Frontal

31. Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love

Set in Edmonton, Alberta, Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love is a comedy-drama following the lives of several sexually frustrated “thirty-somethings” trying to learn the meaning of love. They happen to be doing this while a serial killer is terrorizing the city.

Does Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love Feature Full-Frontal Male Scenes?

Yes. Brad Fraser’s production of Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love does feature full-frontal scenes. The play was controversial at the time for its nudity and sexual explicitness.

Who Created Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love?

Canadian playwright Brad Fraser wrote Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love. Derek Goldby directed the original off-Broadway production.

Who Stars in Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love?

The original off-Broadway production of Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love starred Sam Rockwell as Robert. The play also starred Michael Connor as Kane, Clark Gregg as Bernie, and Michelle Kronin as Jerri. Kimberley Pistone played Benita, Scott Renderer played David, and Lenore Zann played Candy.

Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love Full-Frontal

32. What The Butler Saw

A two-act farce written by the English playwright Joe Orton, What The Butler Saw follows Dr. Prentice, a psychiatrist attempting to seduce his attractive prospective secretary, Geraldine Barclay.

Does What The Butler Saw Feature Full-Frontal Male Scenes?

Yes, but the British version is the only one that went all the way. Among those who have disrobed entirely in that show is David Tennant who spends an entire scene that way. Tennant was covered by a police hat for most, but not all, of the scene.

Who Created What The Butler Saw?

Playwright Joe Orton wrote What The Butler Saw. Phyllida Lloyd directed the 1995 production starring David Tennant.

Who Stars in What The Butler Saw?

The 1995 production of What The Butler Saw starred John Alderton as Dr. Prentice Debra, and Gillett as Geraldine Barclay. The play also stars Nicola Pagett as Mrs. Prentice, David Tennant as Nicholas Beckett, and Richard Wilson as Dr. Rance. Jeremy Swift plays Sergeant Match.

What The Butler Saw Full-Frontal

33. Wolf in the River

In Wolf in the River, Adam Rapp explores love and neglect, the challenges of poverty, the dangerous cost of shiftlessness, the simple notion of leaving a place behind, and the value of a girl.

Does Wolf in the River Feature Full-Frontal Male Scenes?

Yes. A male actor has a love scene with a blow-up doll where everything is visible, depending on where you sit.

Who Created Wolf in the River?

Adam Rapp wrote and directed Wolf in the River.

Who Stars in Wolf in the River?

Wolf in the River stars William Apps, Maki Borden, Alexandra Curran, Mike Swift, Karen Eilbacher, Jack Ellis, and Kristin Friedlander. The play also stars Jack Horton Gilbert, John Paul Harkins, Olivia Jampol, Artem Kreimer, Derek Christopher Murphy, and Xanthe Paige. Kate Thulin and Casey Wortmann also star in the play.

Wolf in the River Full-Frontal
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