JoJo Siwa Recalls the Exact Moment She Realized She Was Gay

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Singer and dancer JoJo Siwa said she realized she was queer while at the Most Magical Place on Earth.

Well, there is certainly no place more magical to have an “aha” moment than Disney World. It’s no secret that the former Dance Moms star loves to visit the Disney parks during her downtime. Siwa has shared photos online from her frequent visits, including when she went to Disneyland with her Dancing With the Stars partner, Jenna Johnson. The young star has now revealed that not only is the place magical for having insanely good churros, it’s also a place full of love and heartbreak.


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The singer visited the Florida resort to preview the new TRON ride coming to Tomorrowland in early April. While there, she reflected on the impact Disney has had on her life and the moment she knew she was queer.

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“I have a lot of really fun memories here. I have a lot of really hard memories here, but I have grown a lot at Disney,” she told People.

“I fell in love for the first time at Disney World. I realized I was gay at Disney World,” she continued. “I went through stages of heartbreak at Disney World. There’s been a lot in my personal life that Disney World has really attributed to.”

Coming Out

Siwa came out as part of the LGBTQ+ community in 2021 and revealed she had fallen for her best friend, Kylie Prew.


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“I was here for 14 days with a girl that was my really good friend and I realized that, ‘Oh, I like her.’ And having all those feelings while just being in the most magical place in the world and the happiest place on Earth was so cool. We’re not together anymore, but we did have some really fun, happy memories here,” she said.

Prew and Siwa dated on and off before ending their relationship in August of 2022.

“I’ve been single for almost two months and it’s OK, it’s not deep I promise, it’s, everything’s fine,” Prew said in a live stream. “Not everything has to be messy and gross because it’s not and I just want to clear the air.”

JoJo Siwa Comes Out as Gay – January 2021

Siwa shared a photo of herself online wearing a shirt that read “Best. Gay. Cousin. Ever.” and two days later confirmed she is part of the LBGTQ+ community.

JoJo Siwa Says She is Pansexual – April 2021

Siwa spoke with People and said she identifies as pansexual. “Technically I would say that I am pansexual because that’s how I have always been my whole life is just like, my human is my human.”

Read JoJo Siwa’s full interview here.

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JoJo Siwa Recalls the Exact Moment She Realized She Was Gay
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