Gus Kenworthy's Sweaty Pits Grace Numéro Netherlands Cover

Gus Kenworthy’s Sweaty Pits Grace Numéro Netherlands Cover

Torian Lewin for Numéro Netherlands

Gus Kenworthy: From Olympic Skier to Fashion Icon in Numéro Netherlands

Retired British-American Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy is making waves in the fashion world as he appears on the front cover and several pages of the esteemed biannual fashion, art, and design publication, Numéro Netherlands. This high-profile feature showcases Kenworthy in a new light, donning various stylish ensembles, including skirts and other eye-catching garments.

Striking Photoshoot Captures Kenworthy’s Versatility

Both Kenworthy and Numéro shared multiple images from the stunning photoshoot, which highlights the athlete’s versatility and captivating presence. The images range from Kenworthy dressed in fashionable skirts to stripped down to his waist, exhibiting a raw and powerful aesthetic.

In one particularly memorable photo, Kenworthy is seen wearing a dark green T-shirt, drenched in sweat, which may be a tribute to his recent appearance on “Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test.” The breathtaking photographs were expertly captured by the talented Torian Lewin, whose skillful lens perfectly encapsulates Kenworthy’s dynamic personality.

Fans of the former Olympic skier will not want to miss this extraordinary feature, as it offers a rare glimpse into Kenworthy’s life beyond competitive sports.


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Exploring New Horizons: Kenworthy’s Transition to Acting

Having retired from competitive skiing, Kenworthy is now setting his sights on a new goal: pursuing a career in acting. With previous appearances in the popular television series American Horror Story and a cameo in the recent film 80 for Brady, Kenworthy is no stranger to the screen. Eager to expand his acting repertoire, he has been taking acting classes and refining his skills.

In a recent interview with People, Kenworthy shared his dream of landing a leading role in a romantic comedy, saying, “My dream as a kid was to be the lead in a rom-com. I loved romantic comedies—to this day, they’re still like my favorite movies.”

A New Chapter: Gus Kenworthy’s Evolving Career

Kenworthy’s Numéro Netherlands feature signifies his career evolution from sports to fashion and acting. It showcases his style and dedication to new passions and challenges.

As he explores acting roles, fans anticipate his career’s next chapter. With his skiing success, his determination and talent will undoubtedly lead to entertainment industry triumphs.

A Role Model for Pursuing One’s Passions

Gus Kenworthy’s journey inspires many to chase dreams and explore passions. As an Olympic skier turned actor and fashion icon, his dedication to reinvention shows resilience and drive.

Kenworthy’s new career phase is a powerful reminder that pursuing goals has no age limit. His commitment to growth and exploration, from fashion magazines to Hollywood roles, leaves a lasting impact on fans and creatives.

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Gus Kenworthy’s Sweaty Pits Grace Numéro Netherlands Cover
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