Gay Throuple on their polyamorous wedding day in São Paulo, Brazil.

71 Stunning Photographs of a Gay Polyamorous Wedding in Brazil

Photography by Cama de Gato

It takes two. Your other half. The perfect couple. Our culture is saturated with couples. Likewise, when people think of wedding ceremonies, it tends to conjure up similar—even heretormative—imagery. The bride and groom. The bridesmaid and groomsman. One family, each side of the isle. This month in São Paulo Brazil there was a polyamorous wedding that defied every convention imaginable.

As queer people, we are intimately familiar with the stereotypes. Many of us know what it’s like to navigate a wedding industry that wasn’t built for us. Intake forms that still say “bride and groom”. That flinch that your mother-in-law does when she has to say “groomsmaid”. Even the very structure of the ceremony has to be torn down and refashioned.

Photo by Cama de Gato

Enter Our Throuple

This month, in the heart of São Paulo, Douglas Casali, Átila Rodrigues, and Douglas Haynes got married. After five years together the stunning throuple took the plunge. They took their vows and celebrated their love in an intimate rooftop ceremony in São Paulo’s Historic Downtown.

Every convention, every protocol that straight monogamous couples take for granted had to be thrown out and reimagined. Indeed, polyamorous marriages are not yet legally recognized in Brazil. Despite this, the throuple were determined to celebrate their love and form a union in front of their loved ones. The result, as you might expect, was something truly spectacular.

Photo by Cama de Gato

A Polyamorous Wedding

Nestled in the heart of São Paulo’s Historic Downtown, a haven for LGBTQ+ folks, the three men made their vows. The Espaço Aroo rooftop looked like a contemporary urban jungle, teeming with verdant greenery.

The decor, conceptualized by wedding planner Manga Rosa and brought to life with the delicate florals from FLORÈE, seamlessly blended the modern with the traditional. The throuple was meticulous with every detail. From the many subtle nods to the number three, to the tasteful references to the throuple’s favorite color. Their suits made a gorgeous green gradient, possible hinting at the colors of the gay men’s Pride flag. These motifs were everywhere, from the three-tiered wedding cakes to the drink tags that adorned the cocktail glasses, courtesy of Conceito Bar.

Photo by Cama de Gato

Husband Husband and Husband

The momentous declaration, “I declare you husband and husband and husband!” resonated under the São Paulo sky. Officiated by Lidia Vas, the ceremony included ring exchange and a handfasting ritual, symbolizing the union of their souls.

Post-ceremony, the Espaço Aroo transformed from a tearjerking ceremony to lively party. The excitement continued into the night at a local queer nightclub. DJ Bruno Italo kept the party going into the wee hours.

Photo by Cama de Gato

Behind the Photography

As the throuple posed with their groomsmen and groomsmaids, the city’s municipal theater offered a grand backdrop. Every image captured that day reflects the love, laughter, and journey of Douglas, Átila, and Doug. Each snapshot is a testament to their love story. The team behind the photography, Rodrigo and Murillo of Cama de Gato, were kind enough to share photos from this perfect day. Keep scrolling to take in this beautiful and joyous, gay and polyamorous love story.

The Perfect Throuple

Before you go we want to thank Cama de Gato for sharing their work with us. Make sure to follow them for more stunning wedding photography. Finally, we would like to wish the happy throuple, Douglas, Átila, and Doug, a long and happy life together. As you can see, sometimes it takes three. Parabéns!

Photo by Cama de Gato
71 Stunning Photographs of a Gay Polyamorous Wedding in Brazil
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