Meet TV’s First Asexual Superhero on 'Legends of Tomorrow'

Meet TV’s First Asexual Superhero on ‘Legends of Tomorrow’


The CW’s ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ is introducing TV’s first asexual superhero!

In the latest episode, “The Fixed Point,” Zari and Esperanza “Spooner” Cruz try to pass the time while at a bar. Zari suggests they play “smash, marry, kill” using some of the other Legends—a group of outcasts and misfits, villains, and heroes who work together to change the timeline. Fans were in for a surprise to find that this little game would result in the TV’s first asexual superhero.

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Spooner admits she doesn’t have feelings for any of the heroes, leading Zari to ask who she does have feelings for.

“I don’t really get those types of feelings for anyone,” Spooner admitted. “Maybe it’s one of those things those mushroom-aliens messed up about me, huh?” she nervously asked.

“Hey, no no no, what you’re describing is totally normal,” Zari responded. “It just means maybe you’re ace.” While Spooner doesn’t give a verbal answer, she has a confused look painted across her face. “Asexual. People who identify as ace have little or no interest in sex, but many of them still want to be in relationships,” Zari explained.

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“Wow, uh, I guess that makes me ace,” Spooner said. When Zari asked if Spooner just came out to her, “I guess I just did,” Spooner said while smiling. “Who would have thought you’d be the first person I’d tell?” she asked while laughing. “Not me,” Zari said, laughing. The moment ends when the two cheers their drinks.

Check out the moment below!

Keep The Ace Representation Coming

Spooner’s coming out marks a massive moment for the LGBTQ+ community, especially those who identify as asexual as they are so often overlooked. Legends of Tomorrow seems to make a good effort to have queer representation with bisexual detective John Constantine, Sarah Lance, and her partner Ava Sharpe, Gary Green, and Leonard Snart.

Meet TV’s First Asexual Superhero on ‘Legends of Tomorrow’
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