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‘Bros’ Cut Another Steamy Scene Because of ‘The White Lotus’

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Billy Eichner said Bros cut out a sequence where the actors used a “very expensive prop.”

Billy Eichner’s hilarious gay rom-com Bros has all the components that make a great romantic comedy. There’s an unexpected love interest, an impromptu dance scene, clever jokes, and a fantastic cast full of LGBTQ+ stars. But audiences might be shocked by the events that play out when the two characters are in bed together. In Billy Eichner’s words, “all of a sudden, you know, out of nowhere, Luke will take your foot and put it in his face and you go from there.”

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If that doesn’t set the scene, I don’t know what will. It’s sexy and awkward and gives a glimpse into the reality of a relationship, not the version Hollywood tries to sell us. Already, it’s a solid scene that makes the film even more endearingly funny. Butt what if there was more? (Yes, pun intended.)

The Bros Butt Scene We Won’t Get to See

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Eichner revealed they removed a spit element from the scene and a “very expensive prop.” Luke Macfarlane’s Aaron went down on a $30,000 butt rig being controlled by two puppeteers, but the scenes went unused.

“We were going to shoot a rim job moment, but then White Lotus beat us to the punch, so we cut that,” Eichner said. He also joked that the rig’s design pulled inspiration from Judd Apatow’s own behind.

ICYMI, season one of White Lotus sent the internet into a frenzy after a butt-centric scene between the resort manager Armond (played by Murray Bartlett) and his subordinate Dillon (Lukas Gage) aired on HBO. We don’t blame Eichner for not wanting to follow in their footsteps. But this prop could have taken this iconic scene to new heights.

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Bros is currently playing in theaters.

‘Bros’ Cut Another Steamy Scene Because of ‘The White Lotus’
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