How 30 Days on Pure for Men Rejuvenated My Hole

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Before you think this is another paid advertisement, let me say that it was I who contacted Pure for Men.

After seeing their ads and doing my personal research on what they were about, I had hoped they were the answer to all my bottoming prayers. So I decided to give their product a trial run. So let me tell you, they are everything they proclaim to be and more.

Psyllium husk, chia seed powder and flaxseed powder make up the majority of the special “cocktail” each capsule carries. They are all natural ingredients, and while it might sound like a product you can quickly put into a smoothie and forget about, I find it to be much more beneficial when taken in this form.

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After 30 days of being on Pure: for Men not only have my bathroom breaks been timely, they are also the cleanest I’ve ever made! By clean, I mean zero marks on my toilet paper (yeah, I am going there.)

Day 1 – 10

I was reading some of the comments on their website’s thread from customers. Many of them had discussed the need to find your dosage. In other words, you need to discover how many pills and what time to take them for you to get the best results — everyone’s metabolism is different.

For me, I take two pills in the morning as soon as I wake up and two more in the afternoon, along with my other vitamins.

I felt something happening in the first few days, but I could not see valid results yet. Then it happened — what every constipated person dreams of (and I was not even constipated). I went to the bathroom and lost 5lbs in the toilet.

From there on, it was clear that Pure for Men was working, or at least starting to.

Day 11 – 20

By now I was starting to see real results: my stools were hard (but not rock solid that they hurt coming out). They were massive, and at times, I wondered where it came from because I would not remember eating that much food the night before.

I saw Davey Wavey’s video about how Pure for Men acted like a digestive sponge, cleaning away your dirty bits down the digestive track. I thought it was bullshit, but turns out it was pretty accurate:

I kept up with my routine: 2 pills in the morning, two pills in the afternoon. I started noticing not only that my bathroom regime was on point, but that washing myself in the shower became the easiest it has ever been. I started taking one before bed (just to be safe).

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It hit me around day 15 that I was always ready for sex. You know those days when you know for a fact that you are not going to be having anal sex that day – well, those days were becoming less and less. Personally, I’ve classified myself a versatile top for many years due to inconsistent cleanliness down there. Some guys are made to bottom. I am not.

Before taking Pure for Men, having anal sex was risky. No matter how hard I douched and cleaned myself, I was never empty enough – and usually, I’d end up being bloated with water weight.

Day 21 – 30

I am convinced that Pure for Men is not only beneficial for guys trying to bottom, but it is probably the BEST all natural supplement out there for pooping. Not kidding. I think everyone can benefit.

I no longer feel bloated, dingleberries are a thing of the past (not that they were for me, but the paranoia is no longer there thank God), and most importantly I finally feel comfortable enough to bottom for a change, rather than always being worried I might have a mess on my hands.

Washing before sex is a breeze. Sometimes I do not even have to. I’ll take a shower at the gym before I come home, and know without a doubt that I am clean all the way up my anal tube — no residue! This gets me even more excited to come home to my man, who’s prayed for me to bottom more often.

Some guys are perfect for bottoming without the need for supplements – you know them! You can tell when you give them a rim job, and their bums smell like roses. You think, “How the hell do you get it to smell not like an ass?”

Unfortunately, for guys with loads of testosterone (like myself), it can be difficult to make the inner workings workable. Pure for Men is opening me up to new levels of sexual experimentation. That is something you cannot buy! I walk around with a smile on my face knowing that I smell good and am ready for whatever, whenever.

It is pretty spectacular.

If you’d like to order Pure for men, click here.

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