Meet the Ghostly Gang Behind Netflix’s ‘Dead Boy Detectives’

Netflix is gearing up to haunt our screens with the latest adaptation from the eerie pages of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman universe. Dead Boy Detectives premieres on April 25, packing more spooks and spirits than a haunted mansion on Halloween.

The show stars George Rexstrew as Edwin Payne and Jayden Revri as Charles Rowland, two ghostly best friends solving paranormal mysteries from beyond the grave. Alongside them are Kassius Nelson playing the clairvoyant Crystal and Yuyu Kitamura as her spirited friend Niko, adding to the spectral hijinks.

From Page to Screen 

Developed for TV by Steve Yockey and co-show run by Beth Schwartz, this series brings to life a whimsical yet dark world where the dead aren’t as inactive as you might think. Yockey, deeply connected to the original comics, shared, “It was really important to hang onto the backstory of the boys… we’ve chosen each other instead of death, which I feel is really special.” 

This essence captures the show’s heart—friendship and mystery wrapped in a ghostly bow. But what happens when feelings get into the mix? Yes, this show is VERY queer. 

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A Sneak Peek Behind the Curtains 

In an exclusive chat with Gayety’s Caitlynn McDaniel, the cast and creators gave us the inside scoop on what makes Dead Boy Detectives a must-watch. Jayden Revri revealed the camaraderie on set, noting how he and George were attached at the hip. “I think if either of us came in on our own, it would ruin the equilibrium for the whole day.” We love this off and on-screen friendship! 

Beth Schwartz raved about the limitless creativity the show offers. “We were allowed in the writer’s room the first couple of weeks to think of their craziest ideas and we put ’em all on the board.” From high school mysteries to giant mushrooms, expect the unexpected.

Why You Can’t Miss This Show 

If the promise of ghostly puzzles isn’t enough, the show also explores beautifully queer relationships and dynamic character arcs. “Heroes can be gay and so can villains,” said Steve Yockey, highlighting the inclusive and diverse storytelling that threads through the series.

So, if you’re in for a series where supernatural meets the heartfelt, and where spirits solve crimes, don’t miss Dead Boy Detectives

Join Edwin, Charles, Crystal, and Niko as they unveil the mysteries of the afterlife one ghostly clue at a time. Tune into Netflix on April 25.

Catch The Adventures of the ‘Dead Boy Detectives’

Want more eerie insights? Watch the full interviews on Gayety, where the cast dives deeper into their spectral misadventures and the magical mayhem.

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Meet the Ghostly Gang Behind Netflix’s ‘Dead Boy Detectives’
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