‘Challengers’ Cast Talk Fluid Characters And Warn Viewers – “Try Not to Judge”

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“They’re all in.”

During the energetic press tour for the new steamy tennis drama Challengers, Josh O’Connor shared exciting details about the character fluidity and his surprising journey to landing the role of Patrick.

Directed by Luca Guadagnino (Call Me By Your Name), the film features Zendaya in her debut leading role as Tashi Duncan, a former tennis star turned coach. She pushes her husband, Art, played by Mike Faist, into a match against his former best friend and her ex, Patrick, portrayed by O’Connor. Needless to say, it all gets pretty messy.

Is That The Guy From ‘The Crown’?

Zendaya stars and produces the film and was instrumental in casting. She specifically pointed out O’Connor for the role of Patrick after his stint in The Crown, suggesting he would be perfect for the part. It turns out that O’Connor was the first and only choice for the role of Patrick, a choice that surprised even O’Connor himself. “I was convinced they’d be like, ‘Josh O’Who?'” he joked.

‘Challengers’ Promises Steamy Scenes and Fluid Dynamics

Challengers promises more than just intense tennis matches. It delves into a complex exploration of queer relationships, highlighted by provocative sauna scenes and playful exchanges that hint at the characters’ fluid sexual dynamics. Speaking to Variety, O’Connor comments on the intricacies of their interactions, “Yeah, I think they’re all fluid. They’re trying to understand where that plays out and how it plays out. 

“I don’t know if there’s a clear cut answer to that, but I think that they’re all completely tied [to each other]. They’re all in.”

Credit: @Warnerbrosuk/@challengersmovie

If you want a sneak peek at their threesome kiss, visit Zendaya’s recent Instagram post.

O’Connor also raved about the opportunity to play a “bad guy.” “It’s the first time I think I’ve played a character who’s just like, ‘I’m f—ing mad,’” he said. “Like, ‘I’m a dick and I’m proud.’”

Zendaya chimed in on social media, encouraging fans not to judge the characters too harshly and to root for #teamtashi.

Early viewers have dubbed the film “deeply horny,” and its compelling love triangle is generating considerable buzz. So be sure to see Challengers when it spikes into cinemas across the US and UK starting April 26. Be sure to catch this fiery blend of drama and sport. It’s sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!

‘Challengers’ Cast Talk Fluid Characters And Warn Viewers – “Try Not to Judge”
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