Billie Eilish Set to Make Waves in Fortnite with Playable Character Debut

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Billie Eilish Joins Fortnite’s Celebrity Roster

Billie Eilish is gearing up to score some major victories in Fortnite as the acclaimed queer singer confirmed her entry as a playable character in the latest update of the game.

Known for hits like “Bad Guy,” Eilish will soon stand alongside pop icons such as Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, becoming a character available for purchase in the game.

A Virtual Concert Experience

On April 23, Eilish will parachute into Fortnite’s Season Three during the Fortnite Festival—a special event featuring a Guitar Hero-style mini-game. Fans will first see her in action on Tuesday as she brings several of her popular songs to life on the digital stage. The singer shared a sneak peek of her character model on X/Twitter, featuring her signature neon green hair, thrilling fans with the official announcement of her addition to the game’s line-up.

How to Get Your Hands on Billie in Fortnite

After her debut, Eilish’s character will be available in the Fortnite in-game shop, where players can use the premium in-game currency, V Bucks, to make her their own. It’s speculated that her character will also feature a Lego-style variant, similar to other special skins available in the game.

Billie’s Beats in Battle

Fortnite players have more to look forward to than just Eilish’s avatar; four of her songs will be integrated into the game. “Oxytocin” will be an unlockable jam in the mini-game, while “all the good girls go to hell,” “Happier Than Ever,” and “Therefore I Am” will be up for grabs in the shop throughout the season.

Billie Eilish on Her Queer Identity

Last year, Eilish came out as queer during an interview with Variety, where she expressed both her attraction and admiration for women. She humorously noted her surprise at the public’s reaction to her coming out, which she hadn’t planned but felt was somewhat evident. Following the interview, Eilish addressed the intense curiosity about her sexuality on Instagram, requesting privacy and emphasizing that her sexual orientation shouldn’t overshadow her artistic identity.

The singer is currently preparing for the launch of her new album, Hit Me Hard and Soft, set to drop on May 17.

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Billie Eilish Set to Make Waves in Fortnite with Playable Character Debut
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