WATCH: Jacob Elordi Slurp the Viral Bathwater Candle

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When it comes to trends that have taken the internet by storm, one of the most recent and unexpected is the viral trend of “Jacob Elordi’s Bathwater” candles. The trend originates from a scene in the movie Saltburn, where Elordi’s character is seen in a bathtub, leading to a shocking moment where another character, Oliver (Barry Keoghan), drinks the bathwater. This particular scene quickly gained immense popularity on TikTok, garnering over 89 million views.

What’s even more surprising is the revelation about the contents of the said bathwater. The production designer disclosed that the bathwater was actually a concoction made up of yogurt, milk, and water. This detail added an extra layer of intrigue to the scene and contributed to the hype surrounding it.

As for Jacob Elordi, he’s been riding the wave of this viral trend with a sense of humor. He’s even slated to appear on Saturday Night Live, where the topic of the bathwater candles is bound to come up. 

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Origin of the Bathwater Candles

The bathtub scene in Saltburn didn’t just gain popularity; it sparked a whole new trend – bathwater candles. Inspired by the scene, creative fans began crafting candles that supposedly smell like the infamous bathwater.

Reaction from the Film’s Cast

Elordi said he first heard about the candles when his Priscilla costar, Cailee Spaeny, sent him a video. He cheekily joked about wanting a share of the profits from the candle sales, and we do not blame him. They’re a hot commodity right now.

Barry Keoghan, another cast member of Saltburn, also had something to say about the bathwater candles. He humorously remarked that the candles really do smell like Jacob, adding to the fun of the whole situation.

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The Tonight Show Incident

Jacob Elordi’s appearance on The Tonight Show added another chapter to the bathwater candles saga. He was given a bathwater-scented candle during the show, and his reaction was truly memorable. Elordi not only sniffed the candle but even tasted it, loudly, and described it as smelling like detergent.

Fan and Celebrity Responses

The bathwater candle has gained widespread popularity among fans, with some even turning the scene into a cocktail. Check out some recipes below!


Who wants a Jacob Elordi bathtub cocktail? ???????? If you’ve seen the movie Saltburn, then you know (apologies in advance) — But if not, then it’s probably best to be blissfully unaware. Ingredients: – 2 oz light rum – 2 oz pineapple juice – 1.5 oz cream of coconut – splash of lime juice Combine all ingredients with ice into a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously. Rim your glass with cream of coconut and pour. Please slurp responsibly! ???? #saltburn #saltburnmovie #jacobelordi #bathtubscene #barrykeoghan #cocktail #cocktailrecipe

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WATCH: Jacob Elordi Slurp the Viral Bathwater Candle
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