Everything We Know About Sara Ramirez’s Exit from ‘And Just Like That…’

A Bumpy Ride on the And Just Like That… Express

Sara Ramirez’s Unexpected Departure

Hold on to your hats, folks, for a rollercoaster tale from the world of TV drama! Sara Ramirez, the talented and trailblazing actor, known for their vibrant portrayal of Che Diaz in And Just Like That…, the sizzling spinoff of Sex and the City, has reportedly been shown the door. But why, you ask? Ah, that’s where the plot thickens!

The Che Diaz Conundrum

For two seasons, Ramirez, a proud bisexual and nonbinary icon, brought Che Diaz to life. Diaz, a character entwined romantically with Miranda Hobbes (played by Cynthia Nixon), sparked a myriad of reactions, especially from LGBTQ+ fans. Despite a bumpy reception in season one, both the show’s creators and Ramirez gave a thumbs-up for a season two return.

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Instagram Reveals and Hollywood Whispers

Ramirez Speaks Out

This week, Ramirez turned heads with intriguing Instagram Stories, hinting that their stance on Palestine might be the reason behind their sudden exit from the show. 

“Our industry is so duplicitous. While they give awards away, casting directors and agents are making black lists of actors and workers who post anything in support of Palestinians and Gaza to ensure they will not work again. While they lift up some of their own clients who have spoken up against this genocide, they are firing and letting others who have smaller platforms go. While they award ‘Igbtq orgs,’ they are silent on those orgs ties to weapons manufacturers who are currently supporting the Israel military as it commits genocide on Palestinian lives that include LGBTQIA2S+ lives.”

They continued: “I get it. Awards are shiny and people need to pay their rent or feel special and powerful. Meanwhile, we are beyond the 100-day mark on this ‘war’ that has been acknowledged by many, including the ICC, as a genocide. It’s wild how performative so many in Hollywood are. Even more performative than the last character I played.”

But wait, there’s more!

Contradicting Claims

Enter the Daily Mail with a spicy twist: insiders whispered that Ramirez’s character, Che, had lost its charm, and their departure had nothing to do with politics. These insiders painted Che as a character who had overstayed their welcome on the show. So, what’s the real story?

Behind-the-Scenes Drama

Michael Patrick King’s Stand

Cut to July 2023. Michael Patrick King, the showrunner, jumps into the fray, defending Che in an interview with The Wrap. King couldn’t fathom the negativity around Che and praised Ramirez’s acting chops.

Additionally, series fans have highlighted that while some of Ramirez’s AJLT co-stars have expressed Pro-Palestine views online, they haven’t faced removal from the show.

Season 3 Speculations

Despite the turbulence, And Just Like That… was renewed for a third season, and Ramirez’s name was on the cast list. King expressed excitement about exploring Che’s friendship with Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker). But this doesn’t quite match up with the whispers about Ramirez’s departure.

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The Final Curtain?

As we eagerly await the next season of And Just Like That…, Sara Ramirez’s exit mystery remains a tantalizing puzzle. Was it a creative decision or something more? Only time will tell.

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Everything We Know About Sara Ramirez’s Exit from ‘And Just Like That…’
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