‘Young Royals’: A Sneak Peek into the Final Season

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Young Royals, a gripping Swedish teen drama, takes us through the blossoming romance between Prince Wilhelm and his schoolmate Simon. The series ended its second season with a dramatic twist: Prince Wilhelm publicly acknowledged his relationship with Simon, setting the stage for the final season.

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The Final Season Teaser

Netflix has given us a glimmer of hope amidst the anticipation for the final season of Young Royals with the release of a teaser.

The sneak peek features Prince Wilhelm’s return to Hillerska boarding school and the ensuing speculation about his relationship with Simon. The clip, highlighting Wilhelm’s anxiety about his future with Simon and their impending graduation, has stirred up emotional online discussions among fans.

Insights by Edvin Ryding

Edvin Ryding, who beautifully portrays the character of Prince Wilhelm, has shed light on his character’s journey. In a recent discussion with PinkNews, Ryding spoke about Wilhelm’s empowerment through his decision not to label his sexuality.

“There are a lot of different labels right now, but the thing about Wilhelm is he doesn’t have a label,” Ryding said. “Although he’s unsure of what he wants, he knows he enjoys spending time with Simon and it doesn’t matter that he is a boy, that’s not the thing itself.

“For him it’s just fine being unlabelled and I think that’s important to show the audience that you can be unlabelled.”


Young Royals: Embracing LGBTQ+ Representation

The significance of Young Royals extends beyond being a captivating drama. It has played a crucial role in representing LGBTQ+ relationships in mainstream media, providing authentic and relatable LGBTQ+ narratives to a global audience. 

Upcoming Storylines and Release Date

The teaser of the final season of Young Royals hints at what’s to come. The storyline will mainly focus on Wilhelm and Simon’s relationship and the character arcs that will evolve in the final season. Mark your calendars, as the third and final season of Young Royals is set to premiere in March, marking the end of an era for this beloved series.

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‘Young Royals’: A Sneak Peek into the Final Season
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