Ross Lynch Makes Shirtless Cameo in Troye Sivan Music Video

“Target audience reached!”

Ross Lynch made a sexy, shirtless appearance in a sneak peek of Troye Sivan’s new music video, “One of Your Girls” and the internet is not the same.

In the cheeky black-and-white video, Sivan gave fans a taste of what is to come when the video launches on Friday.

“Look at you,” the Australian sings before Lynch appears topless in low-waisted jeans. Okay, we are looking. Respectfully.

“Skip the application interview/ Sweet like Malibu/ look at you,” Sivan continues.

It’s a bummer, but as of now, all we’ve got is this quick 2-second clip featuring Lynch in the video. Fingers crossed that our favorite Disney star surprises us with a more extended cameo in the final version!

Sivan previously called “One of Your Girls” his favorite track on his upcoming album, Something to Give Each Other. He also dedicated the song to all the “straight-ish” boys. (You know who you are). Seeing as Ross Lynch is straight, he could be the main love interest in the video.

“Give me a call if you ever get lonely / I’ll be like one your girls or your homies / Say what you want and I’ll keep it a secret / You get the key to my heart and I need it / Give me a call if your ever get desperate, I’ll be like one of your girls.”

The teaser clip also shows an unknown person in a blonde wig, and fans are convinced we might see Sivan all dressed up!

Troye Sivan’s “One of Your Girls” music video drops on Friday, October 13. Something to Give Each Other will be released on the same day.

Ross Lynch Makes Shirtless Cameo in Troye Sivan Music Video
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