Ross Lynch Reads Thirst Tweets From Gay Boys

“I think half of these tweets are from boys…”

Buzzfeed could not have chosen a better time to sit Ross Lynch down and have him read thirsty tweets made about him online. People have been going feral for The Driver Era singer since videos of Lynch on tour went viral. And if you haven’t seen a video of the “Malibu” singer’s abs proudly displayed on stage, where have you been living? Seriously.

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The video started innocent enough with a fan saying they wished they could kiss and boop the actor on the nose. “I could understand that,” Lynch responded. “I guess I got a cute nose.”

He also responded to the question on everyone’s mind: Why are so many cowboy hats thrown on stage?

“It was probably Harry Styles. I have seen pictures of Harry Styles wearing cowboy hats on stage too, but I swear every single night, five or six cowboy hats are thrown at me. And it’s kind of fun. You get like outfit changes mid-set.”


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Okay, okay, we will get into the wild and thirsty tweets now.

“Ross Lynch could literally snap me in half and use me like a glow stick on bonfire night,” Lynch read while giggling.

About halfway through the video, Lynch starts observing the users sending the spicy tweets. “I think half of these tweets are from boys,” he notices. Yes, Ross, there are a lot of thirsty gays who love you.

Even lesbian fans of Lynch shared their love (and thirst) for the former Disney star, and he was thrilled by the compliment.

“Thank you. I also like girls. So, that’s cool.”

At one point, Lynch felt the need to clarify that he is in a relationship (with former costar Jaz Sinclair). But, for all the Lynch lovers out there, he did give ya’ll permission to continue fantasizing about him.

“Our next song as The Driver Era is called ‘Fantasy.’ You can listen to that and fantasize all you want.”


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Watch the full Buzzfeed video with Ross Lynch here.

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