Nick Jonas Bares it All for Revealing New Role

A photo of Nick Jonas shirtless climbing out of a lake.
Credit: Sony Pictures

Nick Jonas naked? See for yourself!

He’s at it again, but this time Nick Jonas is stripping down to star in his new feature length film Careful What You Wish For, which is a fitting title. We’ve been praying for the former boy-bander to bare it all on the big screen, and it’s finally happening. Thank you, Jesus.

While the film’s official release date has yet to be revealed, we can’t say the same for Jonas’ flawless physique. Recently, multiple images of the Jo-Bro have been circulating the interwebs displaying the young singer’s assets. Take a deep breath and proceed with caution. If you’re driving, pull over. Immediately.

A photo of Nick Jonas shirtless in bed.

Credit: Sony Pictures

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