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3 Grooming Trends Every Gay Man Should Know About

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The ins and outs of grooming trends for gay men.

Many unfortunate stereotypes about gay men’s grooming persist, including myths that claim that all gay men are obsessed with keeping their bodies one hundred percent hair free.

No one look will fit the bill for every single gay guy, but the tips offered in this gay men’s grooming guide can make hair removal a more pleasurable experience — and greatly enhance the end results.

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Chest Hair Is More Popular than Ever

Good news for guys with chest hair: a smooth chest is no longer a must-have for swimsuit season! Hairy chests are more popular than ever, although many gay men prefer regular trimming to a complete lack of maintenance. To achieve the trimmed look without the assistance of a professional, invest in a high-quality pair of clippers and complete the job while the hair is dry. It is best to go with the grain and to trim all the way down — this will eliminate that dreaded happy trail.

Despite the increasing prevalence of hairy chests, some men still prefer to be completely soft and smooth. There’s nothing wrong with that — it just takes a little more work. A razor with a pivoting head is essential, as are multiple blades. Combine with good shaving cream and shave in the opposite direction of hair growth after rinsing in the shower.

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Dealing With Back Hair

Although preferences vary greatly for most body hair regions, back hair is almost universally abhorred. For the vast majority of men, a smooth, hairless back is preferred, and while some are content to have their partners shave this region, others have found that waxing is far more effective.

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In fact, issues with back hair spur the vast majority of male visits to spas that specialize in waxing. Many guys have hair that is too long or too thick to ensure superior waxing results, and, in most cases, it is advisable to trim back hair before having it waxed.

To Boyzilian or Not to Boyzilian

Contrary to popular stereotype, boyzilians (or Brazilian waxes for men) are more popular with straight men than they are among their gay counterparts. That said, plenty of gay men also appreciate the smooth feeling that results from high-quality boyzilian wax. The standard boyzilian wax involves the removal of all hair from both the front and back regions of the pubic area and even your butt.

Technically, you can remove your pubic hair with the help of a razor or a special cream, but waxing tends to be the most effective method for long-term hair removal. Those who enjoy maintaining a little hair but are worried about bothering their partners may want to consider trimming the pubic area on a weekly or, at a minimum, monthly basis.

Grooming is generally a matter of personal preference, but some methods will prove more effective than others will. For maintenance, personal care with clippers will suffice, but those interested in the hairless look on the back or in the pubic area are advised to make appointments with waxing professionals. Ultimately, the ideal body hair routine is the one that makes a guy the most comfortable in his own skin.

3 Grooming Trends Every Gay Man Should Know About
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