6 Things You Should Know About Anal Bleaching


When we say booty beauty, we’re not talking about squats or tanning your tush.

We’re talking about anal bleaching. With the popularity of bikinis, lingerie and adult movies, people have become much more conscious of their bodies.

As adult film stars gain mainstream appeal, people noticed their own holes were darker than those the holes they saw on screen. Naturally, gay and bisexual men quickly jumped on the booty-beauty bandwagon, and the first anal bleaching treatment was offered in West Hollywood, California in 2005.

Butt, before you order a bottle of booty bleach, there are a few things you should know.

1. What is anal bleaching?

It’s pretty straightforward; anal bleaching involves using creams (or sometimes lasers) to lighten the skin around your hole. The creams inhibit your skin’s ability to make melanin, which temporarily lightens the color of your skin.

2. Will I need multiple treatments?

Yes. After bleaching, exposure to sunlight can make your skin darker than it was when you started. So, if you like to tan, you’ll need to protect your purple starfish from ultraviolet rays, or you could end up with a dark brown starfish. Unfortunately, the dark pigment will inevitably return. If you want to stay perfectly pink, bleaching your bum will become routine maintenance.

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3. Are there risks?

Yes. Gynecologists and dermatologists agree anal bleaching is more serious than many spas suggest. Some people report irritation, burning or even scarring from the procedure. You should probably avoid a Groupon, too. You’d rather be safe than sorry, so look for a clean professional spa.

4. Should I bleach my butt hole?

That’s up to you. Many gay and bisexual men, for obvious reasons, have adopted the procedure as part of their grooming routine. If a pink wink is important to you, call a qualified spa for a consultation or try bleaching at home.

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5. Does it hurt?

It depends on the product you use. Look for products with safe and proven ingredients (kojic acid), and avoid anything with hydroquinone because it can irritate and even blister your skin. As a rule of thumb: If you feel pain or discomfort, stop the treatment and wash your skin immediately.

6. How long will it last?

If you want to stay perfectly pink, you’ll need to bleach regularly. Everyone’s skin is different and will react in unique ways to the treatment. When you’re satisfied with the color of your hole, apply the cream weekly (or even daily) to maintain that shade. You can also use wet wipes instead of toilet paper to avoid staining.

6 Things You Should Know About Anal Bleaching
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