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A Quick-And-Easy Gooch Grooming Guide

It taint easy being hairy.

The taint. That strip of flesh between a man’s sack and crack. While many men remove the hair around their hole and trim their bush, the taint often goes unmanicured. Today, we’re helping you clean up that moist forest between your balls and butt and giving your taint the much-needed makeover it deserves.

While going au naturel is fine and dandy, you should know that your taint can get a little smelly. The apocrine glands in your groin secrete an especially pungent variation of sweat when combined with bacteria. That untouched undergrowth germinating from your taint intensifies this scent, providing an extra surface for bacteria to stick to, generating more chances for an offensive odor to develop. Unfortunately, taint hair absorbs the odious oils, which allows the fragrance to linger for longer than expected.

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Now that you understand the gravity of the situation, here’s how to manscape your taint:

Step 1: Pull your ball sack upward toward your navel.
Step 2: If your untamed taint is long-haired, use electric clippers without the guard to trim the bristle.
Step 3: Next, apply a thin layer of shave butter.
Step 4: Lift one leg up onto the tub, toilet or sink and carefully shave with a razor.
Step 5: If you’re feeling motivated, shave your hole, too.

When you finish, apply a post-shave balm; the skin around your naughty bits is prone to irritation and extra sensitive.

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A Quick-And-Easy Gooch Grooming Guide
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