Justices to Decide if States Can Ban Same-Sex Marriage

The photo outside the Supreme Court while justices decide whether to ban same-sex marriage.
Photo: HRC

After an hour and a half of oral arguments, news outlets began reporting on what happened inside the Supreme Court. Will the Supreme Court permit states to ban same-sex marriage? We’re about to find out. Today, the nine justices listened and contemplated whether the Constitution allows the states to ban same-sex marriage.

In the next set of arguments, the justices will determine whether the Constitution compels the states to recognize same-sex marriages issued in other states and/or ban same-sex marriage.

Equality advocate and attorney Mary Bonauto noted that the love truly is love, and that, with the exception of gender, there are no differences between the relationships of same-sex couples and opposite-sex couples. According to audio made available by the court, Bonauto said:

“The stain of unworthiness that follows on individuals and families contravenes the basic constitutional commitment [of] equal dignity.” Bonauto

According to The New York Times, the conservative justices asked questions pertaining to traditional marriage which caused the nine justices to debate throughout the first session.

“[The nine justices] clashed during arguments on whether there is a constitutional right to same-sex marriage.”

Although some of the justices have expressed their support of marriage equality, some showed inclinations to ban same-sex marriage. Chief Justice John Roberts, a traditionalist, insinuated that he was unable to find a reputable definition of marriage that included same-sex couples in the description of the union.

“If you succeed, that definition will no longer be operable, you are not seeking to join the institution. You are seeking to change what the institution is.” Roberts to Bonauto

As the nation waits for a verdict, marriage equality supporters and those who want to ban same-sex marriage express their views rampantly on Twitter.

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