Watch Colton Haynes in This ‘Love, Simon’ Deleted Scene

Watch Colton Haynes in This 'Love, Simon' Deleted Scene

A deleted scene from Love, Simon featuring Colton Haynes is driving fans wild.

In the clip, characters Nick (Jorge Lendeborg Jr.) and Simon (Nick Robinson) visit a gay club.

“I think that guy is checking me out,” Nick tells Simon.

“You’ve said that about literally every guy since we got here,” Simon replies while rolling his eyes. Nick continues, “Well, what can I say? The gays love me!”

In the scene, Simon is visibly nervous when he is approached by Colton Haynes’ character, Kevin, who asks him to dance. As they make their way to the floor, Haynes asks Simon what he studies at school, confusing him for an of-age college student. “Oh, this and that,” he replies awkwardly.

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Ultimately, Nick and Simon are kicked out of the club after a bartender asks Simon for his ID. When asked about his age, the Simon claims to be 27, and the mixologist doesn’t buy his story.

According to Gay Star News, the scene didn’t fit the film’s narrative. “It just slowed down the narrative,” said director Greg Berlanti. “It felt like we were jumping the gun about what his experience was.”

‘Love, Simon’ is considered to be the first mainstream teen romantic comedy with a gay lead character (played by Nick Robinson, second from left).

Screenwriter Isaac Aptaker echoed Berlanti. “There was a big sequence that we wrote and filmed where Nick takes Simon out to a gay bar after he comes out and before he goes back to school for his first day,” he explained to The Hollywood Reporter.

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“The guys were great in it, and Greg did a great job with it, but in terms of the momentum of the movie, it was this long sequence that took you out of the world we’d been in.” He continued, “It messed up the pacing and the momentum of the movie, so we had to cut it.”

Watch the scene below and find out what happens!

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