Lil Nas X Teases New Album With Shirtless Video


Lil Nas X comes back to the music scene hotter than ever and ready to work.

After a three-month hiatus from the social media scene (or maternity leave as the artist calls it), Lil Nas X is back to posting the hilarious commentary we all have come to expect. But what fans didn’t expect was for the Grammy-winning artist to start teasing new music less than a year after his debut album Montero.


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Lil Nas X is wasting no time in promoting what appears to be a new album and has already leaked the names of three of the tracks. Not only that, fans can hear a few verses of Lil Nas X’s new song in a shirtless video the artist shared to his Twitter and TikTok. Shirtless X and new music? Count me in.

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“Lean On My Body”

The clip shows Lil Nas X walking on a treadmill and rapping to a piano beat. We all know he does not hold back when it comes to his lyrics and this song is no exception. “You know I love you, so I say this shit with love/But please tell your fans they need to shut the f*** up,” he sings.

The song goes on for one minute and has Lil Nas X singing about his success, money, and a time when his nephew beat up a bunch of kids for bullying his uncle. “Now listen, I ain’t saying I condone that s**t/f**k it, yeah I’ll say it, I condone that s**t.”

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If the lyrics aren’t enough to keep you captivated, how about X’s glistening abs as he runs on the treadmill?


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Everything We Know About the Album

The “Montero” singer has spoken about the new track “Lean On My Body” as well as a track called “Late to the Party”, a collaboration with Youngboy, and a “strip club anthem” called “Down Souf Hoes” featuring Saucy Santana. Knowing X, there will be many more teases and videos created around his new project before we get an actual release date. But he let slip on Twitter that the album is “close to finished.” Let the countdown begin!


Lil Nas X Teases New Album With Shirtless Video
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