Kit Connor and Joe Locke Stop Hearts at DC Pride Parade

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Fans are delighted to see the two icons openly supporting and fighting for the queer community.

Ahead of the next season of the adorably queer series Heartstopper, series stars Joe Locke and Kit Connor showed up for Pride. The two stood atop a British-themed float and waved to the crowd at the annual Capital Pride Parade in Washington DC, on June 10.

Besides their smiling faces, another highlight of their appearance is their incredible t-shirts. Locke sported a baby blue tee that read, “trans rights are human rights.” Connor also notably wore a Chippendales shirt.

During the festivities, the actors stopped and shared how grateful they were to be a part of the day. “We’re so, so excited to be here,” Locke said. “And thank you to the ambassador for inviting us to be here today. We’re so honored to share our pride with the world and show that we are full of love and full of pride.”

They also gushed about how excited they are for Heartstopper season two, for fans to see a “more mature season” and their trip to Paris!


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About the Series

Heartstopper took the world by storm last year when Netflix premiered a series adaptation of the popular Webtoons comic. The coming-of-age drama follows two British schoolboys, rugby player Nick Nelson (Connor) and the shy Charlie Spring (Locke), who form an unexpected friendship. The two quickly realize their relationship goes beyond platonic BFFs, and Nick struggles to make sense of his sexuality.

Netflix renewed the series for two more seasons.

Heartstopper Always Has Pride

Last year, many Heartstopper cast members walked in the Pride parade in London. Not only did fans rave about their appearance, but they also gushed online about how they stood up to homophobic protesters.

In a video posted online, Joe Locke and Sebastian Croft were front and center, dancing around and giving the middle finger to the crowd while “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” played loudly over the speakers.

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Kit Connor and Joe Locke Stop Hearts at DC Pride Parade
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