Jason Momoa Shaves

Jason Momoa Shaves for the First Time in Seven Years


Jason Momoa says “goodbye” to his Khal Drogo beard.

It’s the end of an era. On Wednesday, Jason Momoa uploaded a new video on his YouTube channel in which he shaves off his legendary beard. The Aquaman star didn’t merely do this on a whim; he and his friends ventured into the desert, selected a spot with a great view, and then began shearing their whiskers.

“I think it was 2012 the last time I shaved,” he admits before shaving off hunks of hair and casting them into the wind while recounting the many characters who shared his long beard. “Goodbye, Drogo! Bye, Arthur Curry! Bye, Declan.”

The 39-year-old actor used the cinematic moment to advocate for recyclables.

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“More importantly, I just wanna do this to bring awareness that plastics are killing our planet,” he reveals. “And I think I have a solution. I don’t wanna b***h about it, [but] there’s only one thing that can help our planet and save our planet, as long as we recycle, and that’s aluminum.”


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“About 75 percent of all aluminum that’s ever been used is still in circulation today,” he continues. “And it’s 100 percent recyclable so…you drink the can, and in about 60 days it’ll be back. One hundred percent. Infinitely recyclable. I hate going to the airport and being on a plane and getting a water bottle this big [indicating very small] when it could be an aluminum one.”

Then, the A-lister debuted his brand of still, alkaline spring water, packaged in aluminum.

“Please, please, there’s a change coming, and it’s aluminum,” he told fans as he finished his shaving. “We gotta get rid of these plastic water bottles. Aquaman’s trying to do the best he can. For my kids, for your kids, for the world. Clean up the ocean. Clean up the land. Love you guys.”

Jason Momoa Shaves for the First Time in Seven Years
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