Jaden Smith Allegedly Came Out and Claimed His Boyfriend

Jaden Smith Applauds ‘Boyfriend’ Tyler the Creator On Grammy Win

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Jaden Smith is super proud of his “boyfriend”, Tyler the Creator.

On Sunday night, Tyler the Creator delivered a fantastic show at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards. Many believe he topped the night with his spectacular performance, and he took home a statue for Best Urban Contemporary Album. Although he interpreted the award as somewhat backhanded recognition, he still won the category.

Fans were not alone in expressing excitement and congratulations for Tyler the Creator’s win. Jaden Smith took to Twitter, saying, “My Boyfriend Just Won A Grammy.”

This isn’t the first time Smith and Tyler the Creator served online PDA. In 2018, Smith went to Camp Flog Gnaw, Tyler the Creator’s festival, in Los Angeles, to confess that “Tyler’s my motherf—–g boyfriend and he’s been my motherf—–g boyfriend my whole life.”

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He followed with a tweet declaring there’s no need to deny it now. If Smith is joking about his relationship with the Grammy winner, everyone and their mom is over it. However, it could be a sign that there’s truth to Smith’s claims.

Tyler the Creator has also been somewhat ambiguous when defining his sexuality. He recently told GQ, “I like girls, I just end up f—–g their brother every time.” If that’s not queer, what is?

Jaden Smith Applauds ‘Boyfriend’ Tyler the Creator On Grammy Win
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