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How to Manscape Your Butt Like a Pro

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Men’s grooming practices quickly evolved from a simple shower, deodorant and a quick comb through the hair to luxurious shaves in the shower and precise application of skin products.If you’re like many gay men, you put a lot of time into your appearance. It goes a long way in improving confidence, sex and even success in the workplace. One unseen, but still vitally important, confidence boosting care routine is the shaving your butt. Here’s how to get it done, and have the smoothest booty this side of WeHo.

How to shave your balls

Gather Your Shaving Supplies

Pick your tool of choice by reflecting on your skin sensitivity, shaving skill level and personal preferences. You can quickly buzz the fur off with an electric shaver made for the shower or carefully wield a multi-blade razor to achieve a smooth finish. If you have the skills, and a lot of courage, you can even learn how to shave your butt with a straight razor. After selecting your razor, you will need to grab several washcloths, a towel, shaving cream, gentle cleansing soap and a soothing lotion safe for butts and balls. We recommend Manscaped shaving products.

Prep Your Skin for the Shave

The hair follicles on your butt previously enjoyed a lifetime of being left alone to their own devices. The moment you decided to shave your butt, their existence suddenly faced imminent peril. Or that’s how it seems when shaving without carefully preparing the skin, hair and follicles. To prepare your skin and hair follicles for the shaving process, wash with warm water and a gentle cleanser. Allow the hairs to soak in the warm water to soften up and become much more pliable.

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Begin the Shaving Process

Lather up with the shave cream and admire those buns in the mirror. Make sure the cream covers all of the hair you want to remove. Work slowly from one section to another, using your hands to pull the skin taut for a super-close finish. Always use a light touch to avoid scraping the blade across your skin and causing razor burn. No one likes a bumpy butt hole.

Shaving works best when you pull the razor against the grain of your hair growth. Unfortunately, the hair on your butt likely grows in a number of different directions. Therefore, you might need to repeat the lathering and shaving process from every direction.

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Don’t Forget Between the Cheeks

Don’t be shy about this next step; it’s absolutely necessary in obtaining the results you — and your partner — desire. Pull apart your butt cheeks and take a close look at the skin on either side. The long hairs growing there need prompt removal to match your newly smooth and shiny derriere. Take great care while focusing on this area as the skin has tiny folds that can easily catch in the razor blades. Two words: go slow.

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Soothe Your Skin With Gentle Products

Rinse all of the shaving cream away and consider using the gentle cleanser once again. Leaving the cream on your skin will likely result in irritation that will surely put a cramp in your day. Pat dry and apply a thin, even layer of your favorite balm to your buttocks and even your purple starfish. If you’re prone to ingrown hairs, you can swipe a bit of unscented deodorant on the freshly shaved area as a preventative. After some practice, it will become second nature and take just a few minutes in the shower.

How to Manscape Your Butt Like a Pro
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