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The Best Way to Shave Your Balls


Top tip: manscape your man bits in the shower.

Depending on where you do the deed, shaving your balls can be a really messy situation. According to Melanie Mari, the owner of Bare Skin Studio, “It’s easier to shave your balls when they’re loosey goosey [which they will be in a warm shower] because the razor can’t get to the hairs stuck in the nooks and crannies when they’re shriveled up.”

In an interview with DSC, the professional manscaper revealed some trade tricks and provided a step-by-step guide to the best way to shave your balls.

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How to Shave Your Balls in 5 Simple Steps

Step 1: Clip the Forest
Use electric clippers with a guard to remove the majority of the fluff. “Don’t use electric clippers directly on your balls because you’ll catch skin,” Mari suggests. “If your ball hair is really long, float the clippers over the skin to remove some length.” Taming the volume will prevent long hairs from jamming your razor when you wet shave, which makes shaving your balls a lot smoother.

Step 2: Enjoy a Hot Shower
Shaving your berries while taking a hot shower is advantageous for two reasons: First, the hot water will soften the coarse pubic hairs, making it easier to shave. Second, the warm water will cause your balls to hang, loosening the skin and making it easier to stretch the scrotum for shaving.

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Step 3: Lather Your Balls
“I recommend using a shave butter or shave oil rather than shaving cream,” Mari advises. “That way, you can see exactly what you’re doing down there,” Mari continues. Using a shave balm is especially crucial when you’re wet shaving your balls. That skin is susceptible and prone to getting nicked or cut if the razor snags.

Step 4: Stretch Your Sack
It’s necessary to stretch the skin of your scrotum while shaving your balls. That way, the surface will be tight and smooth — as opposed to shriveled and saggy — which makes for a smoother shave.

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“I recommend using a post-shave balm down there once you’re done shaving,” Mari says. Using a high-quality ball balm is extremely important; the surrounding skin of your testes is exceptionally delicate and predisposed to irritation and razor burn

Now that your balls are smooth as a bottom’s bottom, you can show them off to all your friends. Or, maybe don’t show them to anyone, and instead, enjoy the feeling of your smooth berries.

Next time, shave your taint, too.

The Best Way to Shave Your Balls
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