How To Determine the Best & Worst Zodiac Sign In Bed

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Ranking the zodiac signs from best to worst in bed.

Curious to see if that hot Gemini you met at the bar last night will blow your socks off? Read on to check out our unofficial ranking of the best zodiac sign in bed, from best to worst below. Please note that there’s more to sexual compatibility than sun signs, and this is only the tip (pun intended) of the iceberg!

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Astrology & Sex

“What’s your sign?” is probably one of the cheesiest and most overused pick-up lines – one that we’ve all heard at some point when flirting. But we have to admit; it’s been pretty effective when it comes to gauging who we’re attracted to!

Each person has their own unique personality traits, but knowing their sun sign can definitely help us choose the hottest vs. the not-est. With 12 signs completing the zodiac, it’s only natural to wonder which star sign you should get with for the best sex.

The Best Zodiac Signs In Bed, Ranked

1. Scorpio – The Zodiac’s Resident Baddie/Zaddy

October 23-November 21

It’s no surprise that Scorpio often tops the list of which male zodiac sign is the best in bed. Ruled by Mars, both men and women with these sun signs exude BDE. This confidence makes Scorpio natives ooze sex appeal, but their selective nature and intensity makes their lovers feel special, with unforgettable sex as the reward.

2. Pisces – The Sexual Chameleons

February 19-March 20

Gentle Pisces makes second place on our list because of their intuitive nature. These sweet lovers often morph into whoever their partners want them to be, especially in bed. Whether it’s love-making you’re after or something more imaginative with Pisces, this passionate lover is up for it. Be sure to set clear boundaries with them because they’re prone to conflating love and sex!

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3. Capricorn – Business On The Outside, Freaky On The Inside

December 21-January 20

Capricorns can come off as stoic and boring, but don’t brush these zodiac signs off just yet. Their serious exteriors hide the fact that they’re kinky as hell and are actually hot, passionate lovers that are known to enjoy BDSM and sex toys. The Sea Goat’s sexual appetites make them beasts in the bedroom, which is why they’re third on our list.

4. Cancer – Tender, Loving Care

June 21-July 22

Far from boring, these shy and romantic individuals are absolute freaks when they’re able to toss aside their natural shyness along with their undies. The secret to unlocking Cancer’s hidden horny side? They value a deep emotional connection – cultivate that, and they’ll be all the more focused on providing their partners satisfaction.

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5. Taurus – Passionate Cuddlers

April 20-May 20

Ruled by Venus, Taureans love all things passionate and sensual. As one of the more affectionate signs of the zodiac, physical intimacy, and a clean and pleasant environment are key for their intimate relationships. Taurean women in particular are even said to be the best female zodiac sign in bed! They’re big on doing things their way and aren’t always open to change. If you’re into cuddling and spooning the night away, then a Taurus is for you!

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6. Sagittarius – Will Try Anything Once!

November 22-December 21

Driven by their sense of adventure and high libido, Sagittarius is as impulsive as they are sexual. Their very adventurous attitude gives them no problem finding sex partners, and they’re willing to try anything once for the sake of sexual exploration. On the flipside, Sagittarians are notoriously flaky and hard to pin down, and this can make sex with them feel inconsistent.

7. Leo – All Eyes On Me

July 23-August 22

Leos are known to be the show-offs of the zodiac, and this desire for an audience carries itself into the bedroom. While Leos desire passionate sex, they may often forget that pleasure should be a two-way street, and be more giving to their partners. That aside, when you and your Leo can effectively communicate your needs, Leo women and men make great partners.

8. Libra – Hopelessly Romantic To A Fault

September 23-October 22

Librans are one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac. Represented by the scales, balance is one of the things that matter most to Libra – and this counts for their sex life, as well. Librans like to feel secure in their romantic relationships with their partner. While they can be very loving and dedicated partners, sex with Librans can sometimes lack the heat from other more sexual zodiac signs.

9. Virgo – Perfectionism Isn’t Always Perfect

August 23-September 22

Virgo people are renowned for being perfectionists. But, sometimes, when you only aim for perfection, you end up missing the g-spot. Sex with a Virgo can go either way: hyper-focused on giving mind-blowing orgasms, or hyper-focused too much on the wrong thing. Virgo natives like things slow and steady, which is great if you’re the type who prefers a more predictable approach in bed.

10. Aquarius – Making Love With Their Minds

January 21-February 18

“Let’s talk about sex, baby.” With an Aquarius? Sure! They’re wonderful conversationalists with brilliant minds, but can sometimes get caught up in the talk. Their libidos are stirred by partners who can keep up with their intellect, and they do enjoy eroticism, but not all the time.

11. Gemini – Who Am I Talking To?

May 21-June 20

Like Aquarius, the Twins love a partner who can keep up with their quick wit and intellect. However, just like the Katy Perry song, their sex drives can run hot and cold. Geminis are huge talkers and value communication, so you can count on them telling you exactly when they want intimacy or if they just want some space.

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12. Aries – Too Much, But Not Enough

March 21-April 19

Despite being known for their passion, it’s this straightforward and overly aggressive approach that can actually make Aries fall short in the bedroom. When they’re in the pursuit of personal pleasure, Arians can be selfish AF, leaving their lovers high and dry. This is why we’ve tagged Aries as the most boring zodiac sign in bed.

So, Which Male or Female Zodiac Sign Is Actually The Best In Bed?

Have you ever had a boring sexual experience with a Scorpio? Or did an Aries give you the best orgasm of your life? Let us know in the comments on social if other signs are more masterful lovers than the ones we’ve listed!

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How To Determine the Best & Worst Zodiac Sign In Bed
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