2022 Gay Horoscopes For Each Sign

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Your 2022 Gay Horoscope: What To Expect This Year

As we leave the first quarter of the year behind, you might be wondering what the rest of the year in queer horoscopes has in store for you. While queer astrology has a lot to do with mentally preparing yourself for upcoming Mercury Retrogrades, it can also give you insight into future possibilities and help you battle with the power dynamics of our marginalized communities.

If you haven’t yet listed down your yearly intentions for 2022, below is a closer look at what you can look forward to for the rest of your queer year!

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Aries: Patient And Communicative

Because you’re a go-getter, Aries, we know you’re capable of achieving all your goals this year. However, you’ll have to be extra aware of your communication habits – your heart might not always be in the right place. Practice patience and restraint, especially when expending your energy.

Taurus: Overcoming Lots Of Turbulence

This year might make you feel alienated from friends and romantic partners, so expect to run into a bit of drama. Still, you can keep your head above water by choosing your words carefully and being gentle with yourself. If you know what might be holding you back in life, don’t stray from the truth. God knows you can do a bit of soul searching!

Gemini: Rapid Changes

Geminis usually ride the wave of change all the time. However, this year’s changes might take a bit of a toll on your life, so don’t be afraid to step back or talk it out with a professional. If you’re in a relationship with a slow-moving sign, pay close attention to their feelings. You don’t want to rush them.

2022 gay astrology

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Cancer: Rocky Relationships

Unfortunately, sun and moon obstructions may negatively impact Cancer’s interpersonal relationships this year. But worry not, boys, girls, and gays – while you’re an independent person, you’re good at asking for help from those you love and trust.

Leo: Exploration, Fun, But A Bit Of Caution

If your sun sign is Leo, get ready for a lot of gay romance. We’re not just talking about relationships but also the freedom to explore new passions and hobbies. Get active within the community – now is your time to shine! Just remember to tick off that lengthy to-do list you’ve been neglecting for months!

Virgo: Time To Rewind And Reassess

The rest of this year might be a little distracting for you. One idea will spiral into a sea of them, and you’ll want to tell the entire queer community about it. Having your head in the clouds is not bad, but what matters is how you organize them.

Libra: Letting Go

For the positive and enthusiastic Libra sign, your queer astrology mantra this year is “When one door closes, another one opens.” On the one hand, it’s also time to let go of the queer people in your life hindering your growth and kick-start the beginning of healthier habits.

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Scorpio: Fragile But Determined

As one of the more emotional signs, drastic changes in 2022 are enough to rock your foundation. Don’t become anti-social – be fair about what you need and desire. Fortunately, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. This year’s Mars retrograde will make you feel more in control and down-to-earth.

Sagittarius: Motivated And Money-Making

This year’s new moon isn’t going to impact you directly, but don’t get complacent. You might be feeling a little self-doubt and conscious about how society and the community perceive you, so work on your sense of self. Don’t be disappointed if things don’t go your way – rely more on your fall-back plan if you have one.

Capricorn: Determined, Ambitious, Challenged

Hold your horses, Capricorn! While we love ambitious queer women, men, and nonbinary people, you might be missing the point. We know you have the ability to thrive no matter what, but the important thing is to stay grounded.

Aquarius: Fear Of The Unknown

The stars and planets may not align for Aquarians very often this year, but your psyche is powerful enough to handle the friction. You might struggle with your gender identity and physical appearance, but don’t let it get you down. The good news is, you can expect your financial situation to improve a bit closer to the end of the year.

Pisces: Stable And Thriving

It looks like the stars are working out in your favor, Pisces! You’re in the best place to thrive, but don’t let complacency and bad behavior hinder your big ideas. Begin only what you can finish! Friends and family will be especially present for you, so don’t forget to pay it forward.

2022 Gay Horoscopes


Get Ahead Of Your 2022 Queer Horoscopes

Whether you feel out of touch with the physical world or have your head firmly on your shoulders, taking a closer look at your queer horoscopes and astrology can give you some direction. Give your chart reading a once-over with every full moon – there are so many moments of clarity amidst this year’s turbulence!

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2022 Gay Horoscopes For Each Sign
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