Get Buff Inside the World’s First Clothing-Optional Gym


Did you hear? Thanks to a couple of guys in South Africa, you can now work out in the buff. That’s right. Now you can squat, run or crunch without confining your cock-a-doodle-doo.


YouTubers Byron Langley and Thomas Willows created a video for their channel where they comedically create the worlds for naked gym cleverly called “Naked Gym.”


So maybe it’s not a real gym when you see what it would be like, we don’t think you’ll mind working out with your manhood hidden. Think about it; everyone would be there for a different reason — some to work out, some to watch, others to well, release … One of the characters is even quoted saying, “I like the attention I never got from my old gym.”

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This video certainly sums up what that experience would be like. Would you want to work out without clothes?

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