Nicholas Galitzine Discusses ‘Mary & George’s’ Viral Impact and Its Unique Queer Story

“Can I say that Nick’s fans are so horny, they are so horny.”

The series Mary & George has taken the entertainment world by storm, creating buzz everywhere from the UK to international markets. The show, which chronicles the ambitious efforts of the Countess of Buckingham to position her son as the lover of King James I, has garnered attention for its gripping narrative and remarkable portrayal of queer history.

Galitzine Talks Breaking the Internet 

Starring the formidable talents of Julianne Moore, Nicholas Galitzine, and Tony Curran, the series delves into a lesser-known chapter of history with drama and flair. Galitzine, who plays the son at the center of this intriguing plot, shared his excitement about the show’s reception, teasing about the social media frenzy it caused.

He praised his co-stars, especially Moore, “who I think will have a very promising career ahead of her,” he joked. “But I’m just so excited for it to keep being spread around the world, the US audiences. Getting to see it very soon makes me very excited.”


Galitzine certainly knows how to stir up excitement. In the series, he doesn’t shy away from revealing quite a bit, ramping up anticipation before the show’s debut on April 5. The show has already aired in other parts of the world, and caused a major buzz online. 

Earlier this month, the actor tweeted “So…”, a teaser that set the internet ablaze with speculation and excitement. But Galitzine didn’t stop there.

Following the series release, he playfully tweeted, “Mary & George would like to formally apologize for breaking social media. Our power is too potent ;),” acknowledging the show’s overwhelming response online.

“Can I say that Nick’s fans are so horny, they are so horny,” said executive producer D.C. Moore. “It’s untrue. Men and women, he unleashes something in people that I’ve never seen the likes of it before. And I’ve seen most of the prism of the reaction to the show through that epic cloud of Horniness. And it’s been extraordinary. It’s really, really extraordinary.”


Queer Narratives Brought to Light

Mary & George is celebrated for bringing a significant queer story to the forefront, a narrative that is often overlooked in historical depictions. Galitzine expressed his thrill at portraying such a complex character who wielded immense power and had relationships with prominent figures of the time. The series doesn’t shy away from the messiness and authenticity of its characters’ lives, providing a raw and genuine portrayal of their experiences.

Delving Into Complexity

Tony Curran, another key player in the series, highlighted the joy of bringing the script to life, emphasizing the collaborative atmosphere on set. The cast’s synergy and dedication to their roles have evidently paid off, creating a compelling and immersive viewing experience.

No Holds Barred

Moore also commented on the show’s bold approach to its queer content, noting the absence of restrictions in depicting the raunchy and unapologetic realities of the era. The series embraces the scandalous, often untold aspects of history, including the sexually liberated court of King James I. Moore emphasized the importance of presenting these queer stories, acknowledging some critical backlash but underscoring the necessity of their inclusion in our understanding of history.


A Historical Revelation

Mary & George not only entertains but educates, shedding light on the power dynamics and relationships of the time. It challenges viewers to reconsider preconceived notions of history and acknowledges the complexities of human desire and ambition. With its mix of drama, intrigue, and a candid exploration of queer relationships, the series promises to be an enlightening journey for its audience.

Catch Mary & George on STARZ on April 5. 

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Nicholas Galitzine Discusses ‘Mary & George’s’ Viral Impact and Its Unique Queer Story
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