Rebel Wilson Reveals She Lost Her Virginity at 35 in New Memoir

“People can wait till they’re ready or wait till they’re a bit more mature.”

Rebel Wilson is super excited about her new book, Rebel Rising, coming out next week. She told People all about it, like how she waited until she was 35 to have sex for the first time. Rebel says it’s okay to wait until you’re ready, and there’s no rush to grow up too fast.

It’s Okay to Wait

Rebel thinks it’s important for everyone to know they don’t have to hurry into grown-up stuff like sex. She waited until she felt mature and ready, and she’s proud of it. She hopes her story will help other people feel okay about waiting too.

Rebel’s Relationships

Rebel had her first big romance in 2015 with Mickey Gooch Jr. But in 2022, she shared something new: she’s dating Ramona Agruma! Rebel thought she was looking for a prince but then realized maybe she needed a princess. She also started a dating app called Fluid because she believes love is about the person, not their gender.

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Exploring Who You Are

Rebel calls herself a “late bloomer” because she took her time figuring out her feelings and who she’s attracted to. After her dad passed away, she started thinking more about love and even began exploring her feelings for women. She believes it’s important to be true to yourself and explore who you are when you’re ready.

Rebel Wilson’s story in Rebel Rising is all about being yourself, taking your time, and loving who you love. She hopes her book will make everyone feel more comfortable being who they are.

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Rebel Wilson Reveals She Lost Her Virginity at 35 in New Memoir
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