Cover of ICONIQA, Barry Brandon's new print magazine celebrating global queer excellence.

ICONIQA: A New Magazine Celebrating Queer Excellence

In the world of fashion and social media, Barry Brandon is certainly no stranger. Known for their consistent efforts towards LGBTQ+ visibility, Brandon is once again set to redefine queer narrative in the media with a new groundbreaking print magazine, “ICONIQA.”

A Platform Amplifying Queer Voices

Scheduled to launch in October 2023, ICONIQA will be a vibrant celebration of global queer excellence. Moreover, this publication aims to highlight the rich tapestry of queer identities. By featuring curated in-house and reader-submitted content, it seeks to break down barriers and amplify underrepresented voices in mainstream media.

“We champion diverse voices and unique perspectives from the global queer community in our magazine,” explains Barry Brandon, the visionary behind ICONIQA. “Furthermore, with every issue, we aim to ignite conversations, challenge norms, and inspire individuals.”

ICONIQA: A New Magazine Celebrating Queer Excellence


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Barry Brandon: A Trailblazer in Queer Representation

You may recognize Brandon from their viral appearances on queer TikTok. If you’re anything like us, you’ll remember the “MOVE OUT OF OUR WAY” video leaving you breathless. Regular readers here on Gayety may even remember Barry’s series of photos and videos that celebrated queer strength. The images, taken by Franco Dlp with the help of Sandra Quintero, captured a group of queer icons dressed in nothing but an elegant string of pearls. We also must not forget the First Queer Supper shoot, where ze gathered together even more queer creatives to create a gay depiction of Leonardo da Vinci’s famous Last Supper.


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Armed with a wealth of experience, creativity, and passion, Barry Brandon brings a fresh perspective to ICONIQA. Her work consistently challenges conventions and redefines the status quo. With ICONIQA, Brandon aims to inspire and empower the queer community worldwide through increased visibility and self-expression. Clearly, Barry is more than ready to take the helm on an entirely new project at a much greater scale.

ICONIQA: From Barcelona Nightlife to Global Stage

ICONIQA had its humble beginnings as a queer dance party in Barcelona’s nightlife scene which debuted at the iconic Razzmatazz nightclub. It soon emerged as a celebration of queer joy and excellence, with performances from the likes of Violet Chachki. Now, with the help of local queer artists and global icons, it plans to extend its unique approach to other cities across Europe.

“Through ICONIQA, we believe in creating safer spaces for queer humans globally and view this as our platform for social change,” says Brandon. “ICONIQA is committed to celebrating queer diversity and brilliance from all corners of the globe.”

ICONIQA Magazine: A Showcase of Queer Culture

As a print publication, ICONIQA promises to be a vibrant showcase of contemporary queer art, fashion, and photography. Additionally, each issue aims to foster a deeper understanding of queer culture and its profound influence. The magazine is open to submissions from queer creatives worldwide, emphasizing its mission to amplify global queer voices.

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Embracing the Spirit of Queer Excellence

ICONIQA combines fashion-forward editorials, engaging articles, and exclusive interviews with prominent figures from the global queer community. Indeed, it is an unapologetic celebration of queer identities, promoting individuality, expression, and empowerment.

“Visibility and self-expression are powerful tools,” shares Brandon. “They help us create safer spaces and platforms for social change. Thus, we are dedicated to celebrating the diversity and brilliance of queer individuals globally.” We are so excited to see what new surprised Barry has hidden up their couture sleeves.

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ICONIQA: A New Magazine Celebrating Queer Excellence
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