Gay Swan Couple Provided 3D-Printed Eggs by Zoo for Nest Building

Get ready to swoon over the latest feathered sensation at Melbourne Zoo! Billy and Elliot, the dynamic duo of male black swans, have taken an unexpected turn on the parenthood runway, all thanks to the wonders of 3D technology.

Their story began when they found refuge at the zoo after a run-in with some unruly dogs. Now, they’re stealing hearts as the city’s most fabulous swan couple!

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How Do You Make a Swan Egg?

Zoos Victoria unveiled the details earlier this month, showcasing Billy and Elliot’s love saga that truly blossomed during this year’s mating season. But hold on, it gets even better! These lovebirds decided to spice things up by crafting their own love nest. And that’s where our 3D-printing wizard, Guy from Healesville Sanctuary, enters the scene, renowned for his eggstraordinary creations.

Zoos Victoria proudly showcased the love nest, adorned with these special 3D-printed eggs. Billy and Elliot, the trendsetters they are, showed major interest in their faux offspring, even though they haven’t taken up the official egg-sitting duties just yet.

But fear not, birdwatchers! Ben, a bird keeper with Zoos Victoria, is keeping the hope alive, saying, “We’re definitely gonna offer [eggs] to them again next season.” Who’s excited to see what this dynamic duo has in store for us in the upcoming seasons?

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Gay Swan Couple Provided 3D-Printed Eggs by Zoo for Nest Building
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