Fans React to Ncuti Gatwa’s Steamy ‘Doctor Who’ Premiere

Credit: BBC (Screengrab)

The doctor is in! After months of anticipation, Sex Education‘s Ncuti Gatwa has finally arrived in the Whoniverse, and fans are ecstatic!

The 15th Doctor first debuted in the December 9th special “The Giggle,” but Gatwa really flexed his Time Lord muscles in the Christmas Day episode “The Church on Ruby Road.”

WARNING: Doctor Who spoilers ahead!

Gatwa’s journey began with a shocking bi-generational twist with the 14th doctor (who is really the 10th doctor played by David Tennant). Uniting both Doctors in a single space implies a rejuvenation for the new Doctor, offering a clean slate for a fresh beginning.

The introduction of Gatwa also comes with some new companions, like Ruby Sunday (played by Millie Gibson). The dynamic duo even kicked off their season with a musical number!

“I really think Ncuti Gatwa is going to be one of the most original and fresh takes on the Doctor we have had in a long, long, LONG time,” one user wrote on X.

“Well… #NcutiGatwa may have been born to play The Doctor. As a queer man I feel so represented – he is killing this part,” another wrote. “I love everything about #DoctorWho and #TheChurchOnRubyRoad was gloriously magic, funny, creepy, camp, BONKERS and Christmassy.” We could not agree more!

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After the Christmas Special, BBC dropped a 30-second teaser for the remaining season, and let’s just say, there’s more magic, campy fun to come! Overflowing with thrilling details from the Doctor’s escapades with Ruby, highlights include a jam session at Abbey Road Studios, a captivating glimpse of Jinx Monsoon as the Doctor’s latest adversary, a sneak peek at Jonathan Groff in a mysterious role and so much more.

Doctor Who‘s upcoming season is scheduled to make its comeback on BBC One and BBC iPlayer in the UK, while viewers worldwide can catch it on Disney+ starting May 2024.

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Fans React to Ncuti Gatwa’s Steamy ‘Doctor Who’ Premiere
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