EXCLUSIVE: Breaking Cosmic Barriers with the Cast of ‘Rebel Moon’

In an exclusive interview with Gayety, the stars of Rebel Moon—Ray Fisher, E. Duffy, and Cleopatra Coleman—share insights into the film’s groundbreaking inclusivity.

Directed by Zack Snyder, Rebel Moon promises a riveting sci-fi adventure, a celebration of varied narratives, and an immersive journey that breaks barriers in the entertainment industry. As excitement radiates from both the actors and the interviewer, this conversation explores the significance of diverse storytelling and the collaborative efforts that brought these unique characters to life.

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Exploring the Universe

E. Duffy, playing the nonbinary character Milius, expresses excitement about the industry’s transformative change. The actor emphasizes the importance of showcasing a variety of stories, providing young audiences with the opportunity to imagine and see representation that has been long-awaited.

“I think people have been waiting a really long time to see a diversity of stories being told, and I think it’s really exciting,” said Duffy. “Especially young kids who get to grow up with some of these stories and imagine who they get to be one day, whether it be in the real world or maybe young kids who want to be actors. I think we’re all really excited about that.”


Authenticity in Collaboration

Cleopatra Coleman, another member of the formidable Bloodaxes, details the collaborative process that brought authenticity and depth to their characters. The cast worked together to ground the narrative in universal themes while paying particular attention to interpersonal relationships. Cleopatra emphasizes the importance of grounding a fantastical world with relatable, human connections.

“Really for me it was about that. It was about the brother-sister relationship, making sure that was really reading, and then the relationship with our other rebels as well.”


Snyder’s Unique Storytelling

Ray Fisher sheds light on Zack Snyder’s distinctive storytelling approach, acknowledging the sense of pushing boundaries and creating something extraordinary. Fisher shares the palpable excitement on set, describing Snyder’s ability to turn concise dialogue into expansive, visually captivating sequences. The actor reflects on the liberating atmosphere created by Snyder, allowing the cast to feel free, authentic, and fully immersed in their characters.

“Just having him be able to explain with all of that, sort of that boyish charm and boyish enthusiasm and have him just be super excited and it almost feels like a man is just free to be, right. Just be themselves, be in their own skin.”


Rebel Moon: A Cinematic Celebration

As the interview wraps up, the trio expresses gratitude, leaving a lingering sense of anticipation for Rebel Moon. With its commitment to inclusivity, freedom of creativity, and the unique touch of Zack Snyder’s vision, the film promises to be more than just a sci-fi adventure. It’s a celebration of diverse narratives, a testament to collaborative storytelling, and a cinematic journey that will resonate with audiences worldwide.

More on Rebel Moon

Directed by Zack Snyder, Rebel Moon is an upcoming sci-fi adventure that follows Kora, played by Sofia Boutella, a stranger with a mysterious past who becomes the hope of a peaceful farmer settlement threatened by tyrannical forces. As Regent Balisarius and Admiral Noble discover a covert deal with the insurgent Bloodaxes, Kora, joined by a diverse group of warriors, embarks on a mission that tests trust, redemption, and unity.

Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire is now streaming on Netflix.

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EXCLUSIVE: Breaking Cosmic Barriers with the Cast of ‘Rebel Moon’
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