Adult Star Turned Bodybuilder Poses for Rick Day

Kris Evans for Rick Day
Rick Day

At the peak of his career, former adult film performer Kris Evans was the most popular model at Bel Ami. Born Csaba Szigeti on May 2, 1986, in Hungary, Evans quickly gained fame for his Adonis good looks, herculean physique and thick dick, which you can order on Amazon.

At more than six-feet tall, Evans often played the muscle-jock top in adult films for Bel Ami. Since supposedly retiring from adult entertainment, the 31-year-old former police officer (yes, he used to be a cop) has built a respectable reputation in the world of bodybuilding.

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Although his “modeling” career is behind him, Evans celebrated his accomplishments by stripping down to pose for an art collection produced American fashion photographer Rick Day. While you can easily find clips of Evans performing in a variety of scenes (bareback, double penetration, etc.), there’s something positively fascinating about his latest spread.

Kris Evans poses for photographer Rick Day

Judging by the confidence exuded in his shoot, Evans isn’t going to cover up anytime soon.  While these photos are probably higher resolution and less hardcore than his previous sessions, Evans is obviously (and visibly) proud of his rock-hard body.

Perhaps it’s shredded shoulders, or maybe it’s his massive, uncut manhood. Regardless, there’s something undeniably captivating about Kris Evans. For a sneak peek at the photoshoot, click here.


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