MrBeast YouTube Collaborator Kris Tyson Comes Out as Trans

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YouTube star Kris Tyson, known for her appearances in YouTube videos with MrBeast, has come out as transgender.

In April, fans started noticing a change in her appearance, and she didn’t shy away from addressing it head-on. She candidly admitted to undergoing hormone replacement therapy (HRT), sparking conversations about this topic far and wide. The support she received from her fans left her feeling thrilled and amazed.

“I was a little nervous about going public with this because I’ve always been a private person about it. But hey, the conversations it started are just incredible!” she tweeted at the time.

Kris Tyson Reintroduces Herself

Since then, Tyson has kept things under wraps regarding her gender identity, but she recently decided it was time to share her true self with the world. In an interview with fellow YouTuber Anthony Padilla, she joyfully introduced her new name, pronouns, and trans identity.

“I am a woman. She/her! I’ve never said that publicly, but I’ve been fully confident in this decision for over a year now,” she revealed.

In the interview, Tyson delved into her journey of self-discovery, using the internet as a tool to help her find her true identity. “I was catching up with the internet, you know, trying to figure myself out. It was like my hair was growing and everything was changing, and I realized I wasn’t cis-gendered,” she explained.

She once identified as gender-fluid, but after some soul-searching and therapy sessions, Tyson found the courage to embrace her trans identity fully. She admitted her fear of others thinking she would become a different person, but she learned to cherish her past and embrace her present self.

As she continued the conversation, Tyson revealed the positive impact of HRT on her life. Friends noticed she became more engaged and present in conversations, and she, too, felt the incredible transformation within herself.

Now, Tyson is bubbling with excitement about her future. “I can be anyone I want to be, do anything I desire! The future is mine to create,” she exclaimed.

Watch the Full Interview with Kris and Anthony

This journey of self-discovery and embracing her true identity has brought Tyson a newfound sense of freedom and joy. It’s a tale of courage, self-acceptance, and the power of living authentically, inspiring her fans and many others around the globe. We’re so proud of you!

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MrBeast YouTube Collaborator Kris Tyson Comes Out as Trans
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