‘Bluey’ Introduces LGBTQ+ Characters in Special Episode

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Disney+’s animated series Bluey has made a significant addition to its storytelling by including LGBTQ+ characters.

Known for capturing the hearts of its young audience, Bluey features the adventures of a six-year-old blue heeler puppy named Bluey, who explores life in Brisbane with her canine friends. The show is not just for kids; adults find plenty to love too, thanks to its engaging plots and relatable scenarios.

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A Must-Watch Special: “The Sign” 

The latest episode from Bluey‘s third season, titled “The Sign,” premiered on April 15 and stands out due to its length and depth. Unlike the typical seven-minute episodes, this 28-minute special delivers a rich narrative centered around a wedding event described as the year’s highlight. The episode combines adventure, romance, and humorous interruptions for emergency bathroom breaks, making it a hit among viewers.

Breaking New Ground with LGBTQ+ Representation 

In “The Sign,” viewers meet Pretzel the chihuahua, who casually mentions his two moms while discussing his pet guinea pig. This subtle yet impactful inclusion marks the first time Bluey has featured queer characters, making a significant statement about diversity and acceptance in children’s programming. This moment may be brief, but it’s a powerful acknowledgment that some children have two moms.

Reactions and Controversies 

The inclusion of LGBTQ+ characters has been met with mixed reactions. While many celebrated the move, seeing it as a step toward normalizing queer characters in children’s TV, others were less enthusiastic. Megan Basham of The Daily Wire criticized the decision, attributing it to Disney’s influence and lamenting what she views as a departure from the show’s original purity.

We’re just hoping we’ll get to meet Pretzel’s moms in future episodes!

More Than Just Fun and Games 

Bluey has been lauded for its sensitive handling of themes important to young viewers, such as family dynamics, personal growth, and even the darker aspects of life, like dealing with grief. The show’s willingness to introduce diverse characters, including those from LGBTQ+ backgrounds, is part of a broader effort to reflect a more inclusive world.

Streaming Now on Disney+ 

Bluey continues to be a beacon of thoughtful children’s programming. “The Sign” episode is available for streaming on Disney+, offering families a chance to engage with contemporary themes in a familiar and comforting setting.

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‘Bluey’ Introduces LGBTQ+ Characters in Special Episode
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