Chris Olsen Sparks Romance Rumors with Meghan Trainor's Brother, Ryan Trainor

Chris Olsen Sparks Romance Rumors with Meghan Trainor’s Brother, Ryan Trainor

Is there a new love connection brewing between Chris Olsen and Ryan Trainor?

Social media star Chris Olsen recently shared a series of photos kissing Ryan Trainor, Meghan Trainor’s brother, sparking speculation about a possible romance between the two. The pictures were captioned, “Australia u were so good to me,” leaving fans wondering if there’s more to the story.

Instagram / @chrisolsen

Instagram / @chrisolsen

Instagram / @chrisolsen

Chris Olsen’s Relationship with the Trainor Family

While Olsen is known for his professional and personal relationship with singer Trainor, he’s also developed a close connection with her brother, Ryan Trainor. The duo has collaborated on various projects, including Meghan and Ryan’s podcast “Workin’ on It,” on which Chris has appeared as a guest.

A History of Fun and Teasing

Olsen has a history of exaggerating his relationship with the Trainor family. For example, he once claimed that they were all childhood friends. This playful attitude leaves fans questioning whether the recent photos with Ryan are just another tease, or if there’s a deeper connection between the two.

Ryan Trainor’s TikTok Clip and Dating Life

Ryan Trainor recently posted a TikTok clip from an episode of “Workin’ on It” featuring Olsen as a guest. The trio, including Meghan, were in Australia at the time. In the video, Meghan inquired if Ryan had a girlfriend, and he quickly responded with a “No” before changing the subject.

Exploring the Dating Scene in Australia

During the podcast, Olsen talked about his living situation, stating, “Wherever I have a crush is where I’ll be.” Ryan jokingly responded, “Am I gonna move to Australia? I’m just kidding.” When Meghan continued to probe about his relationship status, Ryan expressed curiosity about the dating scene for the LGBTQ+ community in Australia. He shared an anecdote about a woman he had been spending time with, who mentioned that she preferred dating Americans over Australian straight men.

Awaiting Further Developments

With the recent photos and podcast discussions, fans are left wondering if there is a genuine romantic connection between Olsen and Ryan Trainor. As both have a history of teasing and joking about their relationships, it’s difficult to determine the seriousness of the situation. However, the chemistry between the two is undeniable, and only time will tell if this friendship evolves into something more.

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Chris Olsen Sparks Romance Rumors with Meghan Trainor’s Brother, Ryan Trainor
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