BuzzFeed photo of painted butts to celebrate summer.

BuzzFeed Celebrates Summer With Painted Bubble Butts

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

In March, BuzzFeed celebrated Easter with decorated derrières, and now they’re rejoicing summer with painted butts. In a photo editorial by staffers Taylor Miller, Will Varner, Jenny Chang, Andrew Richard, Vicki Chen and Lincoln Thompson, BuzzFeed explores using bubble butts as canvases for summer painting sessions.

According to the article, BuzzFeed “brought together some creative artists and beautiful men to celebrate the sexiest season of all: SUMMER!” Apparently, it took the artists quite a while to create the art because of the heat (paint and sweaty bottoms don’t mix).

Photographer and self-proclaimed cat lady Taylor Miller totally slayed this assignment, so head over to BuzzFeed and spend a hot minute scrolling through the pics. And, if you have time, the Easter butts are worth a peek, too!

BuzzFeed Celebrates Summer With Painted Bubble Butts
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