Gavin Leatherwood Hilariously Reacts to Super Thirsty Tweets

Gavin Leatherwood Reacts to Super Thirsty Tweets


Gavin Leatherwood reacts to super thirsty fan tweets, and even we’re blushing.

When The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’s Gavin Leatherwood stopped by BuzzFeed to read some thirsty tweets, no one could have prepared him for that level of thirst. The 25-year-old actor did his best to read each of the comments out loud, but some of them were a little outside his comfort zone.

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Here’s a quick recap of what went down:

Some fans offered their services.

While others requested his services.

Some were specific.

Some were very specific.

But in the end, everyone was thirsty AF for Leatherwood.

Watch the full “Gavin Leatherwood Reads Thirst Tweets” video below!

Gavin Leatherwood Reacts to Super Thirsty Tweets
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